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Saturday, 31 January 2009

: : Darlie?? : :

Darling Eling = Darling
Darling Leslie = Darlie

GBL really CUTE tau!!!!

: : the day she went away : :


She left..She officially left..
We've said our goodbyes..Hugged each other goodbye..
Thats the bestest hug I've gotten..
I'll never forget the moment..

We tried to be happy so no one will tear..
We tried..But its hard..
Tears start falling when she hugged mom..

That day..
We had our reunion lunch together..
Just before CNY..
We used to have reunion dinner in grandma's place..During CNY eve..
This year..Reunion lunch..At our very home..
Felt different..

For 21 years, we've celebrated CNY together..
This is the year that the tradition was broken..
2 days before CNY..We went to KLIA..
Checked in..Ate at McD's..
Just moments before the final call..
Thats when we said our goodbyes..

Although we've been in different countries before..
But the feeling is just different..
She's going to be away till June..
And I'm gonna be in UK in June..
Don't know if I'll see her again this year..
This might be the last time i'm gonna see her in 2009..

I miss her..
My mom misses her..
Mom emo after she board the plane..
Who will not emo??
What's left of her here are photos..
I know she'll be back soon..Real soon..
But yet, can't help missing..

*With friends and family*

*I miss you*

Saturday, 24 January 2009

My blog isn't DEAD..

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I've been busy studying slacking for exams lately..
and the internet connection in my apartment sucks..
Don't know why past few days cannot sign into WLM..

Anyways, thats not the point..
Just a short update to tell you guys that my blog isn't dead..
And its not going to be!!
I'll be away for another week..
Will be going back to my dad's hometown until friday so hang on there ya!!

Lastly *Oh this feels like i'm writing an essay* just wanna wish each and every one of you a Happy Chinese New Year!!!
*Although I don't like cows, but this year BETTER be good for me..hehe*

Monday, 19 January 2009

Tears from the heart..

I've been tearing alot lately..
Not the crybaby type of tearing..
But more of the touched kinda tearing..


Brief summary of my 2 weekends..
[2009.01.11] - Zoo Negara, a Heap Hope project
[2009.01.18] - Early CNY celebration with Shuang Fu

Zoo Negara

These are the few photos taken from the zoo..
It is a special day for most of us because it is the first project organised by Heap Hope Angels..


Have you ever thought what will you do if God took both *or even one* of your legs away?
How will you live?
Can you even face the truth?

Previously, I didn't give much thought to these questions..
I don't even notice People With Disabilities (PWD)
*I no longer call them disableds because they aren't disabled*
Lately, *ever since Famine 2008* I've been hanging out with PWDs quite often..
*More often than usual*
I love hanging out with PWDs..
They do not make me feel stronger..
In fact, they made me feel weaker..
Through them, I realise how dependent am I towards my limbs..
How I'm afraid of losing them..
Makes me really weak, but at the same time making me stronger..

Seeing these PWDs, I see the strength to carry on eventhough you think God abandoned you..
I see the courage of facing the truth instead of twisting it..
Its really impressive to know that some PWDs are even stronger than us in many ways..

*Turning the spotlight to the volunteers*
Talking about volunteers, I feel really blessed to know cHieN, Eewen, Sean, Serena, Horng Hann and the others..
Although many of us are virgins in helping PWDs, but they are not ashamed of learning..
Though some of them are veterans, but they are willing to help us learn..
The compassion the volunteers show is priceless!!

I've been messing around with my camera since I bought it..
And I never go out without it if i'm meeting these people..
Sometimes it just touches my heart to see the photos of people helping each other..
Well, I don't expect you to understand that feeling or feel how I feel,
because I know that you will not know how it feels unless you really experience it..
But if you have the chance to, experience it..You'll never regret..

They We are the disabled ones, not us them..

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Photo Competition [Youth 2009]

I've blogged about Youth 2009 twice already..
and its finally here!!

*The day has come!!!*

Okay, the main highlight of Youth 2009 is the photo competition *for me la!!*
First we have the photo workshop teaching us about Shutter Speed, Apature, ISO etc..

*Photo Workshop*

Then there's the photo competition!!

These are my photo entries..

*RED Discover Petronas*

*RED Cow (Although I hate cows)*

*RED Exit Sign (haha!!)*

*RED Lightbulbs*

*RED Eye*

*BMW with RED Ribbon*

*RED Free Word*

*RED Counter with Bokeh*

*RED Sign*

*RED Body Shop Products*

Too bad la!! Didn't even get to the second round..
But no problem ler since I just join it for fun..

Other than Photo Competition, there are many activities too!!
*But I only shot a few*
There are..

*Foosball - Playstation 3 - Camwhore*
*Camwhore - Grafiti - Grafiti*

Just a short post of what's happening in Youth 2009!!