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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 93 (August 31, 1957)

Was browsing through facebook just now
*I've been browsing facebook all day for months now (:*

and Pauline shared a video posted by Katak Chua.


To those of you who have problem watching this video,
or those who doesn't wanna watch it, here's what the video's about.
A man approaching different people in Malaysia asking them to sing a note.
Then he combines all those voices into the National Anthem of Malaysia.
"Many faces, Many voices, 1 Malaysia"

Things do not look good in Malaysia now.
But I really hope that 1 Malaysia succeeds its mission.
I'll really be great to see the 17 or more races unite as one right??!!!
There isn't any 3 major races in Malaysia anymore.
Its 17 now..No need to compare which race is bigger, everyone's a MALAYSIAN!!

This video brings back memories..
Lots of them..
Truthfully, I like our National Anthem.
I remember the 1st time I felt that way was when I was in Japan.
Was sitting in front of the piano and started playing our National Anthem.
I didn't know why but it just came out.
Right there and then, I thought
"Its a really nice tune, the lyrics are nice too.
So why didn't I feel that way last time??"

I know, most of us "Yuck" when we hear, or were requested to sing the National Anthem.
Why??? I guess its because we were "forced" to sing it when we're still in school.
Singing/hearing the Anthem brings us back to our schooling days when we were uncool.
Also, we don't like it due to peer pressure.
Everyone seem to dislike it, so we don't even give ourselves a chance to like it.
Its the wrong mentality people!!! WRONG!!!!

Listen to the National Anthem.
Its not that bad..Without it, where will you be now?
In a warzone?? Under other's rule?? I don't know!!
All I know is I like our National Anthem.
Now, there's a video below and I'm asking you to watch it.
Its our official version of our National Anthem.
Watch it when you're alone if you don't want people to know.
Put on earphones..Listen to it..Feel it..
Hopefully you'll like it too.

*Negaraku - My country*

Oh, what's with August 31, 1957???
For those of you who have no idea
*I'm not refering to fellow Malaysians*

This is the day when Malaysia was declared independent.
It was called Malaya back then.
Malaya or Malaysia, I still love you.

I truely hope that Malaysians will unite as one.
Happy National Day

*Jalur Gemilang*

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 81 (Finally!!)

*Report Handing Ceremony*


The assignment we've been busying for weeks has ended with a 20min presentation.
Feels relaxing yet bored.
I would be busy discussing with my teammates at this hour yesterday.
Its a relieve that assignments are over *except for the 2 individual ones*
but it also means exams are near!!!

OH NO!!!!

Better rest before I depart again..

*Gonna be studying tomorrow*

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 80 (2 weeks left)

Hi all..
The last 2 weeks felt like a month.
I've been busy with my assignments everyday since 2 weeks ago.
Life in uni isn't really tough, but not easy either.
Oh well, life isn't easy anyways right??

I have 4 more assignments at hand.
E-Business Management Group Assignment: Due later
Product Development & Creativity Group Assignment: Due tomorrow
Individual assignments for both modules: Due next Wednesday
4 assignments total. 2 major ones due together, side-by-side.
Oh well, nothing is tough if you're really determined right?
Living for 23 years is MUCH TOUGHER than the 2 weeks I have past.
If I can live for 23 years, I can overcome this period.

A week after my final assignment (next week) will be my exams.
Lucky for me, only 2 written papers.
Unlucky for me, both papers are side-by-side too.
2 weeks left to study. 2 weeks left for me to be a student.
After the 2 weeks, I will be officially UNEMPLOYED!!!
Maybe my occupation should be changed into "TOURIST" after my exams.

Thinking about assignments made me think about exams.
Thinking about exams made me think about work.
No more studying, means its time to look for a job.
I know, looking for a job isn't easy. Staying in the job is much harder.
I hear people complaining about the monday blues, lifeless life etc.
It makes me pretty scared of work.

I have worked before. My main job was a tuition teacher and a web designer.
I do other odd jobs as well.
Photographer, song writter etc..
*Refer at the top*
All these jobs have something in common.
They have flexible working hours.
I've nevered stayed in the same job which has fixed working hours for..more than 3 months!!
Frankly speaking, I do not have the confidence that I can stay committed to my job.
This issue has been bothering me since..early this year.

I've thought about consulting my parents when I get back.
I know that they can give me the confidence I need to work.
They've been working long before I was born.
Working can't be that scary if one can work for more than 23 years in a lifetime.
Its not that scary when you actually started working.
Its just the scary thoughts that makes you think so much.
I tell myself that everytime.
Parents I shall consult. I shall.

I'm not emo. Just thinking a little much lately.
Have been like that. Preparing to face the corporate world.
Life's going to be tougher than how it had been before.
I'm sure of it. I just hope it will go easy on me.
Buddha, please bless me with the courage to face the real world.

I shall not think so much now.
Back to assignment..

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 76 (Of Random Posts)

Hi all!!!!
Many of you must've noticed that I haven't been updating my blog very frequently now.
Also, I've been talking about my Scotland trip for the past 4 post and didn't really update about my life here.
So today, I'll do a little about what I did around here and some other random post.
*No actual theme in this post*

It had been a pretty busy month here.
After Scotland *I'll wrap up the Scotland trip with 2 more posts* it was time to continue going to class.
We *18 of us* joined a trip to South England on Aug 1-3. The trip was...okay, but not to my liking.
I'll probably skip that trip in my post. Its nothing really worth talking about.
*We shall see about that*
I don't like the trip not because of the places or the company there, maybe I don't like following trips.
I dislike travelling in coach *its boring*
I dislike being limited to the places I go *cuz I didn't plan it*
I dislike the time constrains
But hey, its still a good chance to relax I'll say.

A peek of my South England trip..

The full album can be gotten HERE if I chose not to write about it.
HERE for Album 2 - Bristol & Stonehenge

Another event that it worth mentioning is the Perseids Meteor Shower watching.
This phenomenon happens annually, but we couldn't really watch it in Malaysia for the same reason we can't really see stars at night.
The meteor shower peaks on 11 August this year. I missed that as I was busy with assignments.
So Stef, Allen and I went to watch it in Norfolk Park on the 12.
There were dozens of shooting stars and hundreds of meteors throughout the 4hours we were there.
Nope, no photos taken as I didn't bring my camera along. Can't see much at night anyways..

Oh right, birthdays!!!! August is a pretty busy month in terms of birthdays as well.
Over here, we celebrated for Melisa, Kee Wee and Peywen.
I didn't attend Melisa's party, but was there for Kee Wee's and Peywen's.
Birthdays are of cakes, candles, spoiled surprises and embarrassing tasks for the birthday boy/girl.
Its the time when Bramall Court is the noisiest as we like to play outside where its cold and windy.

Mid summer has passed, its starting to be more windy and cold around here.
We can hardly walk straight anymore due to the wind.
Its time for the jackets to be around us when we walk outside at night..
Yes, its cold. That's one thing that I'll miss around here.
Oh yes, and the assignments too!!!
Though its tough, and i'm lazy, these will be the last batch of assignments that I can do as a student.
So yesh, they will be missed.

Talking about assignments, its time for discussion!!!
Oh NO!!!!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 69 (Land of Kilts Part 4)

Hi all!!!

After the brief visit to Loch Ness,
we headed to Inverness for lunch and hoping that we can find interesting things there.
But luck wasn't with us.
I'm not sure if its just us, but Inverness has nothing to see!!

When we arrived there, the streets were pretty much dead.
We drove around the city to look for food, yet there aren't many people on it.
Maybe its because its a weekend.
Oh well..We look for a place to have a decent lunch as we hadn't had one for a long time.
*DECENT lunch, not lunch*

*Don't know the name of the place, but its a restraunt bar*

The food wasn't quite expensive.
About the same as most restaurants in Sheffield.
We were so overwhelmed by decent pasta and seafood platter that we finished the whole plate before snapping a photo of it.
When we thought about it, it was too late..
*Everyone: Uh-oh~*

Like I've said in the previous post,
a hungry man makes an angry man.
After a nice lunch, everyone had smiles on their face.
Its time to continue our trip H-A-P-P-I-L-Y!!
*If you're happy and you know it, clap your hand* *clap clap*

Further up the street, we saw this..

*MY hairdressing salon*

It reminds me that I should get a haircut already.
But *hehe* I still haven't cut my hair.
Oh well, we shall see how it goes *smile*

We walked along the river in Inverness, hoping to stumble upon nice places.
But Inverness actually failed to do so.
Nevertheless, there will be some photos.
Not some, maybe quite a lot!!!
Here goes!!

*River that separates Inverness in two*

*Sparkle of the sun*

*Fung, Allen*

*Coursemates + travel buddies*

*Fung with infrared effect*

*On the bridge*

*Stef, you were supposed to look the other way!!*

*..and finally, ME!!*

*Inverness - its bigger than just the photo*

*Passerby(s) laughed at them*

*Statue impersonation*

Okay, there's not many photos taken in Inverness.
Oh well..after Inverness we head to Carbisdale Castle.
Carbisdale Castle is actually a youth hostel.
We booked a room there for the night.
What makes it interesting is it is said to be haunted.
I'm not sure how true is it, but thats what we were told.

Before arriving at the castle, we stopped at a "roadside parking area" to get some fresh air.
We also stopped because the view was pretty nice.
If I'm not mistaken, its the place where two rivers meet each other.

*Its a really long river*

*Fung's turn, and..*


*Panaromic view of the rivers*
Don't know if you can see it clearly.

If you're wondering where's Allen, he was sleeping in the car.
After driving from Isle of Skye to Inverness, I'm sure he's tired already.
Actually, we tried waking him up to look at the view
but he got up, look awhile and went back to sleep.
We suspect that he didn't really wake up that time. *LOL*

Okay, we reached Carbisdale castle soon after that place.
It was scary I tell you..
Not the castle, but Stefenie's driving.
We were driving on a one-lane coastal road.
One lane, two directions.
There are many turnings which allows both cars to pass if they happen to meet each other.
But Stef drove otherwise. Moving at a pretty high speed on a single lane road.
She hardly brakes the car even when its reaching a blind spot.
Its really crazy!!!

After our terror ride, here's Carbisdale castle!!

*Castle surrounded by the woods*

*Carbisdale Castle*

*Statue - full of em in the castle*

*Lucky we didn't see a third person in the photo*

*Beautiful fireplace*

I'm not exaggerating but I really felt uncomfortable there.
Everything is gloomy, I'm not sure if the environment is manmade or it really feels eerie.
The paintings on the wall looks like they're looking at you no matter where you go.
The place is dark and cold. You won't sing a happy song there.
It probably is haunted.

*Four new monsters in the castle*

*Eerie - you can feel it*

*Look closely and you'll see a black figure behind stef*

*Look closely and you'll see legs*

*Here's the ghost of carbisdale*

*I wonder who took this photo*

*Stef at the fireplace*

*Fung acting as a BULL!!*

*The hallway - a small part of the castle*

After bathing and cleaning ourselves up, we played.
We listen to music while I transfered the photos to my laptop.
Since we bought a carton of Stella Artiose from Sainsbury in Glasgow,
we finished up the whole thing.
Not much left actually thanks to Fung and Allen.
I only had 4 bottles. *lol!!*

Note to Mommy: No, your son isn't an alcoholic

After a few rounds of beer, we totally forgot about the haunted thing.
We sang, danced, laugh and feel asleep.
We have videos but since it doesn't come from me, I won't post it.
After a good night sleep, its daylight again!!!
We survived our haunted mission!!!

*Its a brand new day!!!*

*Cheers to courage!!*

*A bid goodbye to a wonderful experience*

Next up: Black Isle Brewery and Edinburgh!!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 66 (Land of Kilts Part 3)

Hi all!!!
Its photo showering time again!!!
Talking about photo showering,
I have a few people come up to me and ask,
"Why do you spam your blog posts with photos??"
My answer is simple.
"Because I like it (:"
*Yes, I smiled after saying that*

Okay, back to photo spamming!!!!
We left off at Glasgow yesterday.
After Glasgow, we travelled up north to Loch Lomant.
There are many lakes in Scotland, one of the famous lake is Loch Ness.
Loch Lomant is pretty near Glasgow, so that's the 1st Loch we visited.

Photo time!!!

*Walking towards the lake*

*Panaromic view of the lake*

*Loch Lomant - Pretty pretty*

*Loch Lomant*

*Sun and lake*

*Stef:"The water's cold"*

*Lavender field at Loch Lomant*

*Lavenders aren't that pretty up close*

Everyone wanted to go into the lavender field to take photos.
Not everyone get to do this because there aren't any in Malaysia.
But the lavender field is filled with bees!!
Almost every plant has a bee around it.
I wonder why bees are so attracted to it.
Shall research about it soon.
So too bad for everyone, didn't get to go into the lavender field.

After Loch Lomant, we head for our next destination, Fort William.
If you have watch braveheart before, Fort William wouldn't be a stranger to you.
On the way to Fort William, we stopped at a B&B to rest.
And also take some photos.

*There is a small waterfall, I guess you can't see it*

Like I've said before, Scotland's scenery is all about lakes and hills.
Its really a pretty sight.
We would stop the car just to get down and enjoy the scenery.
Of course not forgetting to capture a photo or two.

*Hill and lake*

*Lake and hill*

*Sun almost setting*

*Solo photos of all trip members*

After a few stop-and-snaps, we arrived at Fort William.
Fort William is a small town.
I don't know if we arrived at the wrong time,
but there's nothing much that attracted our attention to it.
Nothing except the beautiful sunset that is..

*Sunset by the lake*

*Admiring the sunset*

After a brief visit to Fort William, we head to Portree.
Portree is a small down at the entrance of Isle of Skye.
We decided to drive there and spend the night there.
We didn't rent a room. Instead, we rest in the car till the 1st sunlight.
We then drive along the coast to search for the best spot to watch the sunrise.

*The sky is still bright at 10:46pm*

I am the driver for Isle of Skye.
Mainly because I'm the only person who can see well at night.
Never really had problems driving at night.
So when we reached Portree, I slept in the car while Stef went to look for a toilet.
Fung and Allen had been pretty high from alcohol as they were drinking while I was driving.
*Don't worry, I didn't even sipped the beer*
Everyone was out of the car except me.
Stef was on the phone with "someone"
Allen and Fung were talking I guess. I don't know.

When the first sign of daylight shows, we start our journey from the eastcoast of Isle of Skye to the north.
We were lucky to catch the sunrise just in time.
At a beautiful place too!!!

*This was where we stopped the car*

*Just in time for a beautiful sunrise*

*You don't get these kind of photos all the time, do you?*

*Us with our car*

Sunrise symbolises a new day and a new begining.
What we learned from this sunrise is that time doesn't wait for us.
Although its a new begining, but we have to grab every opportunity we can to do the things we want to.
Why did we learn this??
Because less than 10 minutes after our sunrise shot, the sun was gone..
The clouds hid it and it started drizzling.

We missed a few spots in Isle of Skye.
Totally wasted.
Its because we were driving when its still dark.
We didn't get to see a waterfall on a cliff somewhere.
I don't know where cuz I didn't see it laa~
But oh well, we missed the waterfall but we had a great sunrise (:

After the sunrise, I was too tired to drive anymore.
We stopped at a small town to sleep awhile *in the car* and possibly get breakfast there.
But when we went to the town, it occured to us that shops in UK don't open until 9am.
We were there at...5:30am!!
So no breakfast for us. Oh well, sleep in the car.
Everyone wanted to sleep except Allen, he decided to drive while everyone sleeps.
So I didn't really know what happened during that period.

After Isle of Skye, we head to Loch Ness.
Loch Ness is the home of the Loch Ness Monster.
Once again, if you've watched the movie Water Horse, this monster wouldn't be a stranger to you.

Loch Ness Monster is the water horse*

Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster is just a rumour.
People claim that they witness the monster when it surfaced the water.
But does it really exist??
We don't really know.
But it was pretty fun to be there~

*Part of Loch Ness*

*Stef and I with Nessie*

Didn't really take much photos in Loch Ness.
Didn't really stop long because we were tired and hungry.
A hungry man makes an angry man.
In our case, there are 2 angry men.
They weren't pretty happy about the Loch Ness exhibition because:
(1) They weren't really insterested with Nessie
(2) They didn't read about the history or anything about Nessie
(3) They paid to enter the exhibition and it made them feel that its a hoax

So yeah, 2 angry men.
So we head for our next destination, Inverness.
As for Inverness, stay tuned for the next post!!!