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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 76 (Of Random Posts)

Hi all!!!!
Many of you must've noticed that I haven't been updating my blog very frequently now.
Also, I've been talking about my Scotland trip for the past 4 post and didn't really update about my life here.
So today, I'll do a little about what I did around here and some other random post.
*No actual theme in this post*

It had been a pretty busy month here.
After Scotland *I'll wrap up the Scotland trip with 2 more posts* it was time to continue going to class.
We *18 of us* joined a trip to South England on Aug 1-3. The trip was...okay, but not to my liking.
I'll probably skip that trip in my post. Its nothing really worth talking about.
*We shall see about that*
I don't like the trip not because of the places or the company there, maybe I don't like following trips.
I dislike travelling in coach *its boring*
I dislike being limited to the places I go *cuz I didn't plan it*
I dislike the time constrains
But hey, its still a good chance to relax I'll say.

A peek of my South England trip..

The full album can be gotten HERE if I chose not to write about it.
HERE for Album 2 - Bristol & Stonehenge

Another event that it worth mentioning is the Perseids Meteor Shower watching.
This phenomenon happens annually, but we couldn't really watch it in Malaysia for the same reason we can't really see stars at night.
The meteor shower peaks on 11 August this year. I missed that as I was busy with assignments.
So Stef, Allen and I went to watch it in Norfolk Park on the 12.
There were dozens of shooting stars and hundreds of meteors throughout the 4hours we were there.
Nope, no photos taken as I didn't bring my camera along. Can't see much at night anyways..

Oh right, birthdays!!!! August is a pretty busy month in terms of birthdays as well.
Over here, we celebrated for Melisa, Kee Wee and Peywen.
I didn't attend Melisa's party, but was there for Kee Wee's and Peywen's.
Birthdays are of cakes, candles, spoiled surprises and embarrassing tasks for the birthday boy/girl.
Its the time when Bramall Court is the noisiest as we like to play outside where its cold and windy.

Mid summer has passed, its starting to be more windy and cold around here.
We can hardly walk straight anymore due to the wind.
Its time for the jackets to be around us when we walk outside at night..
Yes, its cold. That's one thing that I'll miss around here.
Oh yes, and the assignments too!!!
Though its tough, and i'm lazy, these will be the last batch of assignments that I can do as a student.
So yesh, they will be missed.

Talking about assignments, its time for discussion!!!
Oh NO!!!!!

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