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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 80 (2 weeks left)

Hi all..
The last 2 weeks felt like a month.
I've been busy with my assignments everyday since 2 weeks ago.
Life in uni isn't really tough, but not easy either.
Oh well, life isn't easy anyways right??

I have 4 more assignments at hand.
E-Business Management Group Assignment: Due later
Product Development & Creativity Group Assignment: Due tomorrow
Individual assignments for both modules: Due next Wednesday
4 assignments total. 2 major ones due together, side-by-side.
Oh well, nothing is tough if you're really determined right?
Living for 23 years is MUCH TOUGHER than the 2 weeks I have past.
If I can live for 23 years, I can overcome this period.

A week after my final assignment (next week) will be my exams.
Lucky for me, only 2 written papers.
Unlucky for me, both papers are side-by-side too.
2 weeks left to study. 2 weeks left for me to be a student.
After the 2 weeks, I will be officially UNEMPLOYED!!!
Maybe my occupation should be changed into "TOURIST" after my exams.

Thinking about assignments made me think about exams.
Thinking about exams made me think about work.
No more studying, means its time to look for a job.
I know, looking for a job isn't easy. Staying in the job is much harder.
I hear people complaining about the monday blues, lifeless life etc.
It makes me pretty scared of work.

I have worked before. My main job was a tuition teacher and a web designer.
I do other odd jobs as well.
Photographer, song writter etc..
*Refer at the top*
All these jobs have something in common.
They have flexible working hours.
I've nevered stayed in the same job which has fixed working hours for..more than 3 months!!
Frankly speaking, I do not have the confidence that I can stay committed to my job.
This issue has been bothering me since..early this year.

I've thought about consulting my parents when I get back.
I know that they can give me the confidence I need to work.
They've been working long before I was born.
Working can't be that scary if one can work for more than 23 years in a lifetime.
Its not that scary when you actually started working.
Its just the scary thoughts that makes you think so much.
I tell myself that everytime.
Parents I shall consult. I shall.

I'm not emo. Just thinking a little much lately.
Have been like that. Preparing to face the corporate world.
Life's going to be tougher than how it had been before.
I'm sure of it. I just hope it will go easy on me.
Buddha, please bless me with the courage to face the real world.

I shall not think so much now.
Back to assignment..


  1. well done!

    just guess you may win the blog competition since i think this is the good one!

  2. I didn't win the blogging competition but was the top three (:

    May I know who are you?
    Just curious hee!!