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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 66 (Land of Kilts Part 3)

Hi all!!!
Its photo showering time again!!!
Talking about photo showering,
I have a few people come up to me and ask,
"Why do you spam your blog posts with photos??"
My answer is simple.
"Because I like it (:"
*Yes, I smiled after saying that*

Okay, back to photo spamming!!!!
We left off at Glasgow yesterday.
After Glasgow, we travelled up north to Loch Lomant.
There are many lakes in Scotland, one of the famous lake is Loch Ness.
Loch Lomant is pretty near Glasgow, so that's the 1st Loch we visited.

Photo time!!!

*Walking towards the lake*

*Panaromic view of the lake*

*Loch Lomant - Pretty pretty*

*Loch Lomant*

*Sun and lake*

*Stef:"The water's cold"*

*Lavender field at Loch Lomant*

*Lavenders aren't that pretty up close*

Everyone wanted to go into the lavender field to take photos.
Not everyone get to do this because there aren't any in Malaysia.
But the lavender field is filled with bees!!
Almost every plant has a bee around it.
I wonder why bees are so attracted to it.
Shall research about it soon.
So too bad for everyone, didn't get to go into the lavender field.

After Loch Lomant, we head for our next destination, Fort William.
If you have watch braveheart before, Fort William wouldn't be a stranger to you.
On the way to Fort William, we stopped at a B&B to rest.
And also take some photos.

*There is a small waterfall, I guess you can't see it*

Like I've said before, Scotland's scenery is all about lakes and hills.
Its really a pretty sight.
We would stop the car just to get down and enjoy the scenery.
Of course not forgetting to capture a photo or two.

*Hill and lake*

*Lake and hill*

*Sun almost setting*

*Solo photos of all trip members*

After a few stop-and-snaps, we arrived at Fort William.
Fort William is a small town.
I don't know if we arrived at the wrong time,
but there's nothing much that attracted our attention to it.
Nothing except the beautiful sunset that is..

*Sunset by the lake*

*Admiring the sunset*

After a brief visit to Fort William, we head to Portree.
Portree is a small down at the entrance of Isle of Skye.
We decided to drive there and spend the night there.
We didn't rent a room. Instead, we rest in the car till the 1st sunlight.
We then drive along the coast to search for the best spot to watch the sunrise.

*The sky is still bright at 10:46pm*

I am the driver for Isle of Skye.
Mainly because I'm the only person who can see well at night.
Never really had problems driving at night.
So when we reached Portree, I slept in the car while Stef went to look for a toilet.
Fung and Allen had been pretty high from alcohol as they were drinking while I was driving.
*Don't worry, I didn't even sipped the beer*
Everyone was out of the car except me.
Stef was on the phone with "someone"
Allen and Fung were talking I guess. I don't know.

When the first sign of daylight shows, we start our journey from the eastcoast of Isle of Skye to the north.
We were lucky to catch the sunrise just in time.
At a beautiful place too!!!

*This was where we stopped the car*

*Just in time for a beautiful sunrise*

*You don't get these kind of photos all the time, do you?*

*Us with our car*

Sunrise symbolises a new day and a new begining.
What we learned from this sunrise is that time doesn't wait for us.
Although its a new begining, but we have to grab every opportunity we can to do the things we want to.
Why did we learn this??
Because less than 10 minutes after our sunrise shot, the sun was gone..
The clouds hid it and it started drizzling.

We missed a few spots in Isle of Skye.
Totally wasted.
Its because we were driving when its still dark.
We didn't get to see a waterfall on a cliff somewhere.
I don't know where cuz I didn't see it laa~
But oh well, we missed the waterfall but we had a great sunrise (:

After the sunrise, I was too tired to drive anymore.
We stopped at a small town to sleep awhile *in the car* and possibly get breakfast there.
But when we went to the town, it occured to us that shops in UK don't open until 9am.
We were there at...5:30am!!
So no breakfast for us. Oh well, sleep in the car.
Everyone wanted to sleep except Allen, he decided to drive while everyone sleeps.
So I didn't really know what happened during that period.

After Isle of Skye, we head to Loch Ness.
Loch Ness is the home of the Loch Ness Monster.
Once again, if you've watched the movie Water Horse, this monster wouldn't be a stranger to you.

Loch Ness Monster is the water horse*

Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster is just a rumour.
People claim that they witness the monster when it surfaced the water.
But does it really exist??
We don't really know.
But it was pretty fun to be there~

*Part of Loch Ness*

*Stef and I with Nessie*

Didn't really take much photos in Loch Ness.
Didn't really stop long because we were tired and hungry.
A hungry man makes an angry man.
In our case, there are 2 angry men.
They weren't pretty happy about the Loch Ness exhibition because:
(1) They weren't really insterested with Nessie
(2) They didn't read about the history or anything about Nessie
(3) They paid to enter the exhibition and it made them feel that its a hoax

So yeah, 2 angry men.
So we head for our next destination, Inverness.
As for Inverness, stay tuned for the next post!!!


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  2. Hey, thank you!!
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