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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 55 (Land of Kilts part 1)

Hi all!!!

Its been 11 days since my last post.
I have lots to write about but I also have many things to do.
Edit photos, blog, assignments etc.
So I'll go slow awhile. Please forgive ya!!

So what have I been up to lately?
I've talked about going to Scotland *land of kilts* in my previous post.
So yea, I went to Scotland on July 24 - 28. 5 days total.
The Scotland post will be split into many parts *I don't know how many yet*
So please be patient about it ya!!!

Let's start!!!

Last Friday was the day. The day that the four of us travel up north to Scotland.
Who are the four of us??

*Stefanie, Ming Hong, Allen, Leslie*

*We've embarked on our journey~!!!!!*

*1st stop - Old Blacksmith Shop*

*Main attraction of Gredna Green*

What's so special about Gredna Green you ask?
There is a story about it.
Once upon a time, there were a couple who is really in love with each other.
They wanted to get married but the marriage is objected by both families.
So they runaway into this little town and secretly got married here.

When this runaway marriage was known, many couples who do not have consent from their families followed.
Till today, Gredna Green is famous as a wedding town.
Just like Las Vegas, couples can get married anytime.
So we decided to have a look at this wedding town.

*Ming Hong and Allen imitating the statue behind*

*Stef and Statue*

*Stefanie Elena Chin Lee Eng*

*Statue of a lady crying*

*Entrance to Gredna Green*

*Our male couple getting married. Hosted by Priestess Elena*

*Shop & Whisky House with greetings from different languages*

Can you spot the language you know?

*Here we are, Scotland!!!*

*Ms Erk yang suka sangat ngan Pringles~*

*Sadness laa!!! None of us can play at the playground*
Only Yean Ree is short enough to play *lol*

*Scenery of southern Scotland*

*Our beloved car that took us 2000+km altogether*
Its a Ford Fiesta, really nice!!

*Yes, we love our car*

*Fiesta is pretty sporty*

*Scotland = mountains all the way*

*Some sort of windmill*
I think its used to generate electricity.

After hours of driving, we've finally reached Glasgow!!!
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland.
Those taking Pharmacy in IMU should know about it.
Because they twin there.
By the time we reached Glasgow, its already pretty late.
We went to look for a place to sleep as everyone wants to rest their heads.
We didn't plan for this in the begining.

*Bridge in Glasgow. Taken from The Quay*

*4 crazy posers taking photos in the middle of the night..*

*Strong wind at 13C doesn't stop us from taking photos~*

*Street and Bridge at 1am*

*Acting as BBC Scotland's news crew*

*Scotland is seriously colder. You'll see me repeat this many times.*

*Pirate ship by the Quay*

Glasgow is full of cops. You'll see two of them no matter where you go.
We've probably seen 10+ within 4 hours.
Because of them, we couldn't stop our car in some parts of the city therefore we couldn't take photos of it.
But its okay la, at least they're friendly and hardworking.
Keeping the city safe for tourists like us!!

After the Quay and BBC Scotland *They are along the river* we head to Glasgow Cathedral.
It was about 1:30am. The surroundings were very quiet.
But peaceful was not what I felt when I stepped into the cathedral territory.
It was pretty eerie I must say. Statues were along the walkway.
Surrounding half the cathedral is a necropolis. We call it cemetery.
Although the cathedral is really beautiful at night,
its not my favourite place to be at in the middle of the night.

*The cathedral looks like its made out of glass. Really beautiful*

*Giant Stef overlooking mini cathedral*

After the eerie cathedral, we head to George Square.
Its a memorial for those who fought for Scotland.
On the way there..

*..some photos of the buildings in Glasgow*

*In front of the memorial*

*Gender discrimination - Stef kena boycotted*

*A photoshoot isn't complete without photos yang penuh ngan perasaan emo*

*I really like these photos*

*If you're wondering why is it always Stef and I, its cuz the other two are busy with their camera*

*One final shot af the street in Glasgow*

After George Square, everyone is already pretty tired.
So we head to our hotel, Premier Inn.
It costs us £57 for a double room. But 4 of us went it.
Typical asians LAH!!!!!

Thats all for our first day in Scotland.
More to come!!! Stay tuned~

Bye July, Hi August.

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