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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 45 (Vacation)

Hi all!!
This is my final week before the mid semester break.
Can't wait for a week's holiday so I can go out and play!!!
I haven't been spending much time with my camera lately.
Gotta use it more often!!

Ooh mommy just gave me the green light to go to Scotland!!!
Permission: DONE
Transport: Pending
Accomodation: Pending
Itinery: Pending
Three more things to settle.

So far, accomodation is the most important.
Mommy's pretty worried about my accomodation when I told her that I might wanna go to London after exams.
She kept asking where am I going to stay only. hehe!!!
A friend introduced to me a website
Its a pretty nice website to visit if you need accomodation anywhere in the world.
I used it to search for the best place to stay in London, Rome and Scotland.
I know that there are other websites too, but its all the same.
Furthermore I like this website pretty much.
Its so easy to use.

So for those of you who wants to come to Sheffield to visit me,
or if you want to go to Scotland, Europe or anywhere in the world,
drop by this website. Its worth to visit. hehe!!!

Okay, accomodation shouldn't be a big problem now I guess.
Next up..Transport!!!!
Goodnight Sheffield. 3.41am

1 comment:

  1. YOZA!

    is this why you haven'tbeen online lately? because it's hols? lol. i've been hunting around for you for two reasons:

    1) zoom lens vs wide angle? Sigma's 70mm-300mm is selling for 112 quid now. I am lusting after it. But I've seen some pics with wide angle lens... and vavavooom... i want also!

    2) You might wanna get a London Pass! Preferably before July because 10 quid cheaper! London Pass gives you entry into a lot of places. I'm planning to get one too when I finally pick my lazy ass off and move around london for a bit.