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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 25 (Summer School Beach Party)

Late post late post!!!

Have been busy with assignments and a few other issues lately.
Don't worry, I'm fine!!! Haha!!!


Okay, Hallam Union organised a Summer School Beach Party last thurday night.
Its a chance for us to get to know more Malaysians studying in SHU.
Like the title said, Beach Party.
So everyone had to put on what they wear at the beach.
Some girls go to the extend to buy bikinis and beach wear just for that party.
But us guys...not so much la!!
Wear house clothes, short pants, t-shirt, slippers..and all set!!!

Nothing much to talk here, just photos..

*The whole lot of us!!*

Can't see clearly?
No worries, I'll post more photos.

*Han Liang and I*

*Mei Mun, Me, Yvette, Stef* *Cherlene, Winnie*

*Pey Wen, Illyn, Wan Sia* *Yean Ree, Su Xin*

*Andrew, Stef* *Jong Kheng, Winnie, Si Pengacau - Ming Hong*

*Soon Aik, Ming Hong* *Yvette, Ming Chuan*

*Mei Mun, Yvette, Stef* *Andrew the MC*

Andrew is actually a staff in SHU.
He's somewhat in charged of us, the international students.
Andrew's really friendly yet shy *he claims it*
But I think he's okay, not shy at all. haha!!!
The best thing is...he loves MALAYSIANS!!!
*Makes me proud to be a malaysian*

Andrew has organised many activities for the international students.
For our batch, we had:
1. Summer School Beach Party.
2. Party in the park.
3. Blogging Competition.
4. More to come!!!

If you are wondering why am I praising Andrew all the way..
It is because I want to win the Blogging Competition!!!!!
Haha nolar, he's just really cool and thats it. Not because of the competition..
Right, Andrew??
Andrew: Right LAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
*Oh, he learned the LAH culture from our seniors*

Another competition in the party is the dancing competition.
Cherlene, Winnie and Ming Chuan were pushed up by us.
Watch them dance..

*Cherlene, Ming Chuan*


*Andrew in Gorilla suit*

*EM group!!*

*Kui Hwa* *Winnie*

*The ever sweating Hseung* *Tuck Cheong, Lai Kuan*

*2 Pengacau, Mong Jia, Mei Mun, Stef* *Mong Jia, Jim Jace*

*Andrew, Me* *Me, Vincent*

*Yvtte & I acting cool* *Andrew kacau Stef's photo*

*Stef and I preparing for the Hakka Dance*
Lol!! There wasn't any Hakka Dance.

*Our gang after the party*

After the party, most of us were hungry.
So we decided to talk to London Road (not in London) for a kebab meal.
Kebabs, fried chicken and pizza are like our mamak there.
The only shops that open till late are these shops that offer only these food.
And the portion is no joke.

So thats all for now I guess.
Assignments have been accompanying me lately.
Actually, everyone too!!!
We have to study extra hard as this is our degree certificate and the final cert for most of us.
They don't plan to continue in the near future.
So forgive me if my blog is getting a little dry.
Haven't been playing much lately. hehe~

Take care!!!

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