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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 35 (Night out in Sheffield)

Hey all!!!

Its been a week since my blog has been spammed by photos.
My blog has been all words for the pass.....3 posts???
Those posts actually remind me about my blogs in the earlier days.
I used to blog about my feelings and thoughts. Only that.
Then things started to change and my blog is filled with photos.
I like the blend of both types of blogging style.
How about you??

Okay, I have a few albums that have yet to be blogged about.
So I'm taking it out and blog now.


It was last friday, we had nothing to do so we went to have a walk outside.
The train station is beautiful at night, there are fountains + lights.
But there's always the same problem, there's not enough light to shoot nice photos.
I prefer taking photos with daylight. haha!!!

Okay, nothing much to say. Just photos.

*Mei Mun, Yvette, Mong Jia, Stef*

*Next to the man-made waterfall*

*Mei Mun acting cute??!!*

*Short short Aik*

*Stairs..always a favourite spot*

*Parts of the lit fountain*

*Aik yang sangat bahagia*

*Mr Kek and his four wifes???*

*THE fountain*

*Ghostly guys???*

*I was shooting the tree, and...*

*...everyone jumped into position!!*

*Mr Kek waltz-ing with Ms Teh*

*It takes THREE to tango*

*The "prince trying on the glass shoe for "Cinderella"*

*Kek carrying Mong Jia to wash up by the fountain*

*Mong Jia looks heavy*

*Mong Jia has lotsa germs, gotta wash hands*

*Everyone was comparing their foot, and...*

*...some of us realised that Aik's toes are longer than our middle finger =_="*

*Mong Jia(girl in white) looks....HAPPY!!!*

*After several attempts Mei Mun can finally jump!!*

*Air vent*

When we were about to leave, Jeffrey told us that peace garden is a nice place to visit at night too.
So we head to peace garden since its only a five minute walk from the station.

*On the way to Peace Garden*

*Mei Mun trying to pose like Stef..hahahaha!!*

*Reached peace garden finally and..I don't know what are these two doing*

*Itu Ming Hong kacau betul!!*

*The bag carriers*

*Yvette and Mong Jia the tudung girls*

*Ming Hong kacau pulak!!*

*For once, Mong Jia's taller than everyone*

*Potential beauty queens*

*Finally, a photo of me!!!*

*Mong Jia poo-ing?? No no*

*THIS is Mong Jia poo-ing*

*Everyone looks happy*

*Macho pose*

*Lepas macho act cute pulak*

*Leslie wasn't in the photo cuz he vomited upon seeing Ming Hong*

*Tim, Aik, Yvette, Ming Hong*

Then we played a lil strobbing with a slow shutter.

*What look does Mong Jia has??!!*

*This photo looks like lomography*

*Sitting by the water feature*

*Try looking at Stef(girl in the middle) her pose is always the SAME!!*

*She never changes it..haha!!*

*Mei Mun and Yvette kissing*

*Everyone's lower but Mong Jia's higher*

After we've played enough, we head back to our flats.
We got home at...1 something in the morning if I'm not mistaken.
Pretty late for people in Sheffield. Hehe~

Next post: Baseball in Norfolk Park

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