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Monday, 6 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 30 (I'm officially accepting donations!!)

Hi all!!!
I finally got my back account and debit card already.
*Thats very good as my cash in hand is running really low*

*Ugly debit card*

The rumour told was true!!!
You HAVE to have more cash in hand as the bank takes quite awhile to get your application approved.
For some people(lucky ones) they still haven't get it yet. About 3 weeks already.
There are also many people(unlucky ones) that got theirs within a week.
Lucky -> cannot spend so much yet
Unlucky -> Kad sudah dapat..spend spend spend

Unless they brought enough money for them to spend on shopping laa. haha!!
I'm one of the few people who bring enough money here to eat. Not shop.
Once shop, budget lagi tight..
Thats why have to accept donations laa~

Okay, so here are the details.
Bank: Natwest Bank
Branch: Sheffield
Account no: 22470336
Currency prefered: Pound Sterling(GBP) or Euro(€)
Donation Limitation: Anyone can donate except Mr. & Mrs. Khor Kai Tong(daddy & mommy)

Thank you for supporting my blog!!!!
Oh I was really kidding about the donation.

But if you insist of donating, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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