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Monday, 6 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 30 (You fight with passion, but anger distorts your judgement)

Its been a long long time since movies talk to me.
Last time, most of the movies I watch give me a message. An inspirational one.
I guess I haven't been having such inspiration in a long time because I do not concentrate when I watch.
Usually, I'll be watching it on my laptop over meals.
Once I finish eating, I stop watching and continue it the next time.
*How la to get inspired??*

I've lost my patience in watching a movie.

Today, a miracle came into my life.
It reminded me about something I've buried deep in my heart.

You see,
I've been having some rough time this week.
Mainly during the weekend.
I couldn't face certain people.
Was mad at them for certain things. Disappointed mostly.
I didn't eat with them, didn't even see them.
Locked myself in the room or went out.
I did anything to avoid them as I don't know how to treat them.

I was feeling all upset and staring at my laptop all day after I came back in the afternoon.
I felt a sudden urge to watch a movie at 12:30am.
So I looked into my movie collection and chose STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI
Then Gen, Chun Li's teacher said "You fight with passion, but your anger distorts your judgement."

Somehow I really like this phrase.
It tells me to live my life full with passion, treat people like how I treat them.
There's no use locking yourself in your room.
For the 3 days I felt bad, I've lost 72hours of smiles, 4320mins of happiness, and 259200secs of love.

People do fall down sometimes in their life.
They do get disappointed and wants to give up.
I've been through this way too many times.
Everytime I want to be selfish and give up, I get back up and am ready to serve.
It always happens, the only difference is how long did I take.

I couldn't smile an hour ago,
yet I can't stop smiling right now.
Once again, my life is filled with hope and love.
I'm going to get back up and catch up with the time i've lost.
Oh yes, that what I'm going to do.
But 1st, I shall finish the movie that opened my heart once again.
It feels good to get something out of a movie.
I missed that feeling so much!!!

Thank you those of you who have been with me all these while.
I shall name you:
Mommy, Qin Yu(Monica), Yinli, Evie, Xiannie, Sann, NikLyNn,
Ee Ling, Stef, Yvette, Mong Jia,
Ming Hong, Rachel(Sifu)

Thank you all!! I love you!!!

My world is truly blessed!!

"You fight with passion, but your anger distorts your passion"
- Gen, Street Fighter -

1 comment:

  1. WELCOME...:)
    happy to know that u smile is back and ur bunny baby will alw beside u no matter u're sad or unhappy..
    and pls rmb..
    sifu will always support u and make u SMILEEEEEEEEE :):):)
    Good night =)