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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Bad start for the day~

Know what??
I didn't plan to blog right now~
but i Gotta~!!!!
I'm so upset at this moment..
*actually it was moments ago*
I lost all my contacts in my phone~!!!!
okay this is how it happened..
*think think think*
It doesn't really matters how i lost it right??
the fact is I lost it~!!!!!
so geram today...
anyways i'm not just a whiner..
i did things to recover my contacts..
although not fully, i've gotten 1/3 of my contacts back..
thanks to the help of Lwin who gave me all the DEM3's numbers he has..
i'm gonna ask Ojian for the JM group,
Cheryl to give me the DJ group,
and Crystal *hopefully* can give me the 30hr famine group..
oh oh not to forget my Yuk Chai friends..
their phone numbers are in my sg buloh home..
i saved them there..
lets see...who else~
yeah yeah~Kewei, Xiannie, and all those belonged in that group~!!
Evelyn can give me..
right EVIE???
you're just so sweet you know that???
anyways enough of ranting..
*oh evie, i didn't rant to you cuz you weren't online*
Guess things aren't that bad after all aight????
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- sMiliNg aGaiN --

Monday, 29 October 2007

Genting Trip 26th Oct~

a really long update with lotsa pics now~
A few of the AEM's went to Genting on the 26th of Oct..
thats about 2 days Lim Goh Tong died-ed i guess..
Supposed to go while he's still alive..
But we postponesd the plan cuz some of us can't make it as the decision of going there was too last minute~
but GUESS WHAT??!!!
Those peeps who can't make it the 1st time DIDN'T GO either~!!
They went singing karaoke instead of coming with us -_-"
anyways back to the story..
we DEM3 (last time) are well known to be GROUP cam whorers~
yeah i said GROUP..
cuz we can never (or hardly) take photos alone..
you'll see why later~
so as the famous GROUP cam whorers we gotta do what we gota do right??
and now, let the photos and captions do the narating..haha
1st photo of the day~!!
On the way up to Genting~

Notice how Soon Aik (the one missing from previous photo) has bad photo taking skills~

This is how the gondola looks like..
*for those who don't know*

Upon ARRIVAL!!!!

Getting down like VUPs (Very Uncivilised people)

Its been years since i went to genting
So i gotta look at the sign board for directions~

There~!!GROUP photo~

With me inside now~
the most Leng Chai wan LA!!!!

Hooi Hong (2nd from the left) looks SOOOO like the ppl working there..
(RM200 *hint hint*)

We found Chen Chen's (top left) hidden talent~
He's SUCH a poser~!!!and we never knew that..

Look at him...aih~

GROUP cam whorers in action~!!
*now you see why i said that??*

Nah~PROVE of me really going to Genting!!!
*if you don't believe la~*

i LOVEEEEEE this light~So prEEeeeTttYyyyy~!!!

GROUP photo again
*sweats*'s the part which i explain why we can hardly take individual photos..
1st, 1 person posing..THEN...

Another one jumps in..
*no one notices yet*
But as soon as someone notice it~

Everyone's rushing into the cam scope~!!!
uhh...OMB (oh my Buddha)

Now you see why there are so many GROUP photos??

haha~instead of shooting for others, sometimes you gotta take the blogger's photo aight??!!

Need i say anymore??

Here i go again, cam whoring~!!!!

If i'm a gurl, YOU'LL definitely see my CLEAVAGE~

Look at the only one with obvious pose~

Oh oh~ i love this wall~Outside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Everyone feeling tired after the photo session??

Yeah right~!!!
like they ever get tired~

Hong Chuan and Soon Aik hitting on the gurl~

Ahh~my cup of Coffee~
*but i prefer Starbucks'*

Both my housemates~

Jackson posing the 'pick up' POSE..

Chong Yee smelling his fresh brew~
*so real*

Aik offering Taxi service..
*you know...those taxi drivers who rape their passengers??*

Few photos shot at the cafe we're having our buffet~
*sabar~Food's coming up~!!*

Housemate Photos~

We took this photo to compare whose thinner..
*who do you think??*

Guys and Girls pic~

Stupid Illyn (the one acting cute) Spoils the picture~!!!

Haha acting like that....statue (??)

This is what the statue (??) looks like originally..

Ahh~ here comes the food~!! Salad Bar 1st~
*So tastty looking yeah??*

Next the dessert
*I prefer the salad bar*

Here's my entre..

Then my main course~

After meal, everyone's checking their 1st semester exam results~!!
*nervous nervous*

Got good results??
NOPE NOPE~ dare not check~haha

AHH~!!!! Someone got it~!!!!

Start sharing...and sharing~

SMS others to ask the help check for us..
*no internet access..sad*

Those who checked are SMILING~!!!
*mostly satisfactory results right??*

Those cowards sit in another table far faraway~

After meal, the 'kids' come out to play~
*Doesn't that bring back memories??*

Guess who's playing machine (??)

Got who now???

The result of a happy child~
*I'm amazed at my photo taking skills~*

He redeemed a mug, and gave it to the gurl he likes..
*we tease him...but don't know if he really likes her*

Outdoor photo~

Right before going up the Gondola~


Say bye bye to Genting~

It was SO misty its scary~!!!
We're scared the bus will delay due to poor visibility~

But lucky it all went well~

We continue on our quest to fill the camera with photos~

This is just like the sony ericsson commercial..
K810i with photofix~

*and after~!!!*

Last photo before we get down~

SOOOOO many ppl waiting to get to genting~!!

I managed to take a shot of this pillar~
*I think its a pillar*

NOW we're officially out of Genting~!!

But the photo shooting hasn't stopped~

Of course~!!!the owner of this blog AND the camera must have the last shot right??
and there it is~
a 1 day trip to Genting...
Will update on the outing the girls (who never came to genting) have soon..
*IF i get the photos from them*
and also the surprise party at night..
gotta wait awhile cuz the camera isn't with me right now~
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- tOok mE fEw hoUrs fRom uPloAd tO poSt --