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Monday, 29 September 2008

Dear Sanitary Pad

Words will not be enough to express the things I want you to know..
Because it isn't just about knowing it..
Its all about feeling it..

My hands are always stretched out for you..
All it takes is for you to reach out for my hand..
Don't be person A..

Things might've change in your side of OUR world..
But they're still as wonderful to me no matter how seldom we talk..

I'm sorry..and Thank you..
Remember: Don't be person A!!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

I think I just scared the kid next door..

The kid's stuff fell into my lawn..
He had the courage to ring the doorbell and ask me to get it for him..
Really salute him man~!!!!

As we grow up, we put pride in front of ourselves..
When we need something, we'll try our best not to ask..
Because we're scared of being rejected and humiliated..
Sometimes we take things without asking for permission although we know that it is wrong..
We'd think that its not gonna hurt anyone if we put it back at the same place..
But we never think about morality..
What happened to the "No Stealing" lessons we learn when we were young??

Actually you know what??
I have the courage to admit that I'm less couragous than that lil boy,
but I have no courage to ask people for something..
Thats sad..Really sad..
Oh..and for the things I said about putting pride in front of ourselves,
I said "we" because I don't wanna be humiliated..
What I really meant was "me"..

Sorry Boy!!!

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels..
Words that I've not heard for a long long time..
These words never bring meaning to me until lately *Just lately..*

Was watching a TVB Drama called "When a dog loves a cat" during my exam period..
*I shouldn't be doing it, but I did..*
*Innocent SMILE*
This was when I started hearing the words "Guardian Angel" again..
*Its in Cantonese of course!!*

Never really did think what Guardian Angels are to me..
Always thought its the "Holy Spirits" or "DemiGods" that protect people..
But that movie triggered my thoughts about it..
It said something about Guardian Angels are people who are always there when you need them, and lay low when you don't..
They are those who we go to when we face troubles, yet won't pressure you when you don't look for them..
That was the moment I know that I too have Guardian Angels..

It is obvious that my Guardian Angels are my parents..

*Mommy & Daddy during Daddy's birthday*

Although they don't say it, but I know how much they love me..
Its hard to forget the 1st time Mommy said "I love you" to me after I've grown up..
It was when they sent me off as I was going for my National Service..
That was my 1st time leaving the family for 3 months *But I left them for only 1 month*
Because I was back for Good Friday, Easter, Cheng Beng etc!!
*Back to sensitive mood*
I remember I was in the bus and suddenly I recieved an sms..
"I love you" - From my mom..
Its so sweet you know!!!!

My 3rd Guardian Angel will be Evie,

*Best Friends Forever*

You used to be my bestfriend and sanitary pad..
But now, you're my Guardian Angel..
Sometimes I just don't realise how lucky I was..
and sometimes I just forget..
You're always there when I needed someone,
my sanitary pad when I'm emoing..
You remember stuff about me which I forget..
You're not just ANYone..
Can't even describe you as SOMEone..
Because you are..THE one..
My best friend who is always there..
Thank you, I love you!!!

These are the Guardian Angels that I can acknowledge at the moment..
These are the Guardian Angels that I KNOW I have now..
I'm sure there are other Guardian Angels looking after me out there..
I'm sorry if I didn't acknowledge you yet..
Show your face and let me know..And I will..
Although I didn't name you,
but to all my Guardian Angels out there
"Thank You!!!"

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cerena's Wireless LAN is working once again~!!!!

Sitting at Old Town in Time Square blogging now..
*Cannot afford Starbucks already*

Took Cerena to the service centre in Time Square to check on her wireless LAN..
Seems that she *It* just had a few wires loose..

Happy now..
Smiling while waiting for the rest to arrive to go Neway..
Celebrating Mei Mun's birthday *I think*


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Can a Child change a Man???

I'm here to tell a story about Andrew,
a man that had amazing experiences with a lil creature
some call "Monsters" and some call them "Angels"
the rest, we call them "children"

We used to talk about what are we going to do IF we *and our other half* had an accident..
You know, the one where lil worms collide with a big rock *touch wood*
We do not talk about that on purpose but my housemates *Pey Wen and Yean Ree* seemed to love that subject..
So, my answer is that I won't kill an innocent life,
but Andrew will..
So everytime we'll laugh about him having to save money for abortion etc...

Who's Andrew??
Meet Andrew..

*Andrew in Pan Mee Restaurant*

We spend quite a lot of time together during college..
Sometime even before we sleep..
*I can prove it!!*

*Camwhoring in bed*

It sounded really gay about us spending time before we sleep..
But I don't really care!!

Sometime we even spend time when HE sleeps!!

*Sleeping like a baby*

Talking about babies..
It brings us back to today's topic..
So, what about babies and Andrew??

Some time ago *was meant to blog about this back then* in Su Xin's house,
Andrew met a lil boy..
The once abort-child-if-needed guy found something he didn't see in others before..
A lil while after that, you can see him playing with the lil child non stop..
Throughout the hours we were there, I think he spent 70% of his time with him *the lil him*
They seem to have a lot of fun!!

*Teaching him the VICTORY pose!!!*

*Upsie Daisy*

*To infinity..and Beyond!!!!*

We had never expected to see Andrew to be such good with kids..
and we begin to wonder..
"Will this child change this man forever?"
Guess there's only one way to find out..

Are you still considering ABORTION???

*Andrew said he'll post a comment when he has the answer..*
*Just so you know, this post is pure crap ler..No hard feelings k brother..*

*Andrew's a good man...He didn't make me say this..hehe*

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Blessed, or not??

Some of you may know that I had an accident last Sun (14 Sept)
For the first time, it happened too sudden and I was still shocked and couldn't think of what to do..
and because of that, I had to pay unnecessary bucks and got my stuff stolen..

Damages include:
Smart tag (RM100)
Touch & Go (Rm14)
Cologne (RM67)
Ipod Video (RM1499)
Credit card (RM1001)
Total damages: RM2681!!!

I got my things stolen because I made a HUGE mistake..
I was stunned the moment I hit a car, and allowed some "good" samaritan drive my car to the side of the road..
I presume he stole all those stuff, and used my credit card to "steal" petrol..

How bad was the car accident??
It is my worst one ever!!!
But I guess its not too bad because both my airbags are still safely in their compartments..
Here are some photos:

*Right view*

*Is it bad??*

*Front View*

*Left View*

Bad luck strikes three times right??
So..Accident, things got stolen only counts to two..
Where's the 3rd one??
Here it is!!
After the "good" samaritan stole my things, the same group of people (6 of them) said they were from a workshop..
They even gave me their namecard and said that they can help me make police report etc and asked me to sign an authorisation form to authorise them to tow my car..
If they tow it without my signature they can be charged car-jacking!!

I wasn't really convinced at 1st but the senario was kinda kelam-kabut..
So after much thought and reading the form over and over, I signed ler..
Mana tau by signing that form, I'm authorising them to FIX MY CAR!!!!!
After I notice something is wrong, my dad asked me to take the form back from them..
So I politely asked the form back and they asked me to pay RM500!!
According to them its the "market price" if any other workshops want to "purchase" that case..
Hilang lagi 500!! Luckily I didn't have much money that time and I got it back for RM200.. *But still..*

So the next day, I got my car towed to the workshop *the one I chose*
and went to make police reports etc..
So I went to the Traffic Police Station in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee *Near Pasar Seni LRT Station*
then went to Kepong Police Station to report about the theft..
Later, I was asked to go to Sentul Police HQ to meet an inspector to follow up that case..
3 police stations in a day!!!!!

Finally to end the whole thing, I had to go to the Traffic Police Station today (17 Sept) to pay a summon of RM300!!
See how much I lose just because of an accident!!!

Things to do when you have a car accident *Important*

Things NOT to do:

1. DO NOT get out of your car unless you know its safe!! *Very Important!!*
2. DO NOT leave your car and let others into your car.
3. DO NOT sign anything!! *Very Important!!*

Things to do:
1. Write down the other car's registration number *If you can see*
2. Drive to a safe spot with HIGH TRAFFIC if your car can still move.
3. Call your parents while you're still in the car.
3. Call the workshop and wait for them to come.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

If there's one thing RAMBO would be an ambassador for,
what will it be?

Was at Stevens' Corner having supper last night,
and they showed the RAMBO trilogy on tv..
*They played the DVD*

Its supposed to be an action movie but we laughed throughout the whole 90mins we were there!!
1st, we laughed at the dialogue..
Its nothing but "Ahh", "Ugh", and "PIBABOOM"
Is there no real dialogue in this movie??

One thing leads to another, and suddenly we talked about RAMBO and his best pal..
*the one thing we can't live without*
What is that??
He should be the ambassador for it!!

*Rambo's advertisement*

*RAMBO and his company shirt*

*RAMBO promoting his product*

Its just hillarious ler..
Forgot who came out with that crazy thought..
*Like I said, 1 thing leads to another*
and there you have it..
Deodorant companies should REALLY consider this promotional approach..

Monday, 1 September 2008

Its Photos, not Pictures !!!

This post WILL MIGHT be offending to some people..
*But I think it should be fine*
So if you feel offended in any way,
I'm sorry..
*You can always close the window..haha~!!!*

Let's Begin!!!!!!

Went for Monash Ball 2008 last Saturday..
Wasn't really expecting anything because I'm going with Cheryl..
And she's the only one I know there..
*It always happens..right??*

The theme of the ball is Mardi Gras..

*The ticket - kinda cool~*

The setting of the ballroom was SO COOL!!!
It amazed me *Feels like I'm in Moulin Rouge*

*The table setting*

When we arrived there, it was so crowded..
Everyone's doing typical stuff..
Chatting, complimenting each other's dress, camwhoring etc..
and the-word-of-the-night is PICTURES!!!
All I heard was:
"Hey, lets that picture!!"
"Nice dress!! Come, pictures!!"
"We must take pictures later!!"
"OMG!! I wanna take pictures with you!!"
The whole night...I heard "pictures" for more than a thousand times *its just a rough estimation*

No problem with that huh??
Its quite normal for a ball right??
Yeah I suppose..But we do not TAKE PICTURES!!!
We DRAW pictures and take PHOTOS!!!!
Okay okay, I'm not mad or anything..
It just amuses me..haha~

Okay, enough said..
Overall the ball was okay, the performance good, and the food good..
*Oh yeah* There's one more thing about balls...
I DON'T LIKE Buffet lining~!!!!!!!
I rather have a 3/5/8/9 course meal instead of a buffet lining..
Because everyone will be starving by the time the food is served,
and imagine a thousand people lining up for FOOD!!!!!
Its a pity I didn't snap a PHOTO of it though..It'll be amazing..

Next up, are PHOTOS from the ball..

*In the car..Camwhoring*

*The lobby*

*I look weird*

*Can't tahan my suit ddi..*

*OMB I bumped into Yi Xiu there!!!*

*The candles are...mesmerising*

*Lots more photos, but lazy to upload..*

The after-party was at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound..
Heard lotsa people wanted to go there, was kinda expecting SOMETHING there..
But that club is NOT my type of club..
Didn't enjoy much there..haha

Thats all for now..I guess..
Remember, its PHOTOS not PICTURES..