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Monday, 1 September 2008

Its Photos, not Pictures !!!

This post WILL MIGHT be offending to some people..
*But I think it should be fine*
So if you feel offended in any way,
I'm sorry..
*You can always close the window..haha~!!!*

Let's Begin!!!!!!

Went for Monash Ball 2008 last Saturday..
Wasn't really expecting anything because I'm going with Cheryl..
And she's the only one I know there..
*It always happens..right??*

The theme of the ball is Mardi Gras..

*The ticket - kinda cool~*

The setting of the ballroom was SO COOL!!!
It amazed me *Feels like I'm in Moulin Rouge*

*The table setting*

When we arrived there, it was so crowded..
Everyone's doing typical stuff..
Chatting, complimenting each other's dress, camwhoring etc..
and the-word-of-the-night is PICTURES!!!
All I heard was:
"Hey, lets that picture!!"
"Nice dress!! Come, pictures!!"
"We must take pictures later!!"
"OMG!! I wanna take pictures with you!!"
The whole night...I heard "pictures" for more than a thousand times *its just a rough estimation*

No problem with that huh??
Its quite normal for a ball right??
Yeah I suppose..But we do not TAKE PICTURES!!!
We DRAW pictures and take PHOTOS!!!!
Okay okay, I'm not mad or anything..
It just amuses me..haha~

Okay, enough said..
Overall the ball was okay, the performance good, and the food good..
*Oh yeah* There's one more thing about balls...
I DON'T LIKE Buffet lining~!!!!!!!
I rather have a 3/5/8/9 course meal instead of a buffet lining..
Because everyone will be starving by the time the food is served,
and imagine a thousand people lining up for FOOD!!!!!
Its a pity I didn't snap a PHOTO of it though..It'll be amazing..

Next up, are PHOTOS from the ball..

*In the car..Camwhoring*

*The lobby*

*I look weird*

*Can't tahan my suit ddi..*

*OMB I bumped into Yi Xiu there!!!*

*The candles are...mesmerising*

*Lots more photos, but lazy to upload..*

The after-party was at Euphoria - Ministry of Sound..
Heard lotsa people wanted to go there, was kinda expecting SOMETHING there..
But that club is NOT my type of club..
Didn't enjoy much there..haha

Thats all for now..I guess..
Remember, its PHOTOS not PICTURES..

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  1. euphoria la... sumore cal me tel me tat u r at Euphoria.. bad gor.. huh!!