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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels..
Words that I've not heard for a long long time..
These words never bring meaning to me until lately *Just lately..*

Was watching a TVB Drama called "When a dog loves a cat" during my exam period..
*I shouldn't be doing it, but I did..*
*Innocent SMILE*
This was when I started hearing the words "Guardian Angel" again..
*Its in Cantonese of course!!*

Never really did think what Guardian Angels are to me..
Always thought its the "Holy Spirits" or "DemiGods" that protect people..
But that movie triggered my thoughts about it..
It said something about Guardian Angels are people who are always there when you need them, and lay low when you don't..
They are those who we go to when we face troubles, yet won't pressure you when you don't look for them..
That was the moment I know that I too have Guardian Angels..

It is obvious that my Guardian Angels are my parents..

*Mommy & Daddy during Daddy's birthday*

Although they don't say it, but I know how much they love me..
Its hard to forget the 1st time Mommy said "I love you" to me after I've grown up..
It was when they sent me off as I was going for my National Service..
That was my 1st time leaving the family for 3 months *But I left them for only 1 month*
Because I was back for Good Friday, Easter, Cheng Beng etc!!
*Back to sensitive mood*
I remember I was in the bus and suddenly I recieved an sms..
"I love you" - From my mom..
Its so sweet you know!!!!

My 3rd Guardian Angel will be Evie,

*Best Friends Forever*

You used to be my bestfriend and sanitary pad..
But now, you're my Guardian Angel..
Sometimes I just don't realise how lucky I was..
and sometimes I just forget..
You're always there when I needed someone,
my sanitary pad when I'm emoing..
You remember stuff about me which I forget..
You're not just ANYone..
Can't even describe you as SOMEone..
Because you are..THE one..
My best friend who is always there..
Thank you, I love you!!!

These are the Guardian Angels that I can acknowledge at the moment..
These are the Guardian Angels that I KNOW I have now..
I'm sure there are other Guardian Angels looking after me out there..
I'm sorry if I didn't acknowledge you yet..
Show your face and let me know..And I will..
Although I didn't name you,
but to all my Guardian Angels out there
"Thank You!!!"

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