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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Can a Child change a Man???

I'm here to tell a story about Andrew,
a man that had amazing experiences with a lil creature
some call "Monsters" and some call them "Angels"
the rest, we call them "children"

We used to talk about what are we going to do IF we *and our other half* had an accident..
You know, the one where lil worms collide with a big rock *touch wood*
We do not talk about that on purpose but my housemates *Pey Wen and Yean Ree* seemed to love that subject..
So, my answer is that I won't kill an innocent life,
but Andrew will..
So everytime we'll laugh about him having to save money for abortion etc...

Who's Andrew??
Meet Andrew..

*Andrew in Pan Mee Restaurant*

We spend quite a lot of time together during college..
Sometime even before we sleep..
*I can prove it!!*

*Camwhoring in bed*

It sounded really gay about us spending time before we sleep..
But I don't really care!!

Sometime we even spend time when HE sleeps!!

*Sleeping like a baby*

Talking about babies..
It brings us back to today's topic..
So, what about babies and Andrew??

Some time ago *was meant to blog about this back then* in Su Xin's house,
Andrew met a lil boy..
The once abort-child-if-needed guy found something he didn't see in others before..
A lil while after that, you can see him playing with the lil child non stop..
Throughout the hours we were there, I think he spent 70% of his time with him *the lil him*
They seem to have a lot of fun!!

*Teaching him the VICTORY pose!!!*

*Upsie Daisy*

*To infinity..and Beyond!!!!*

We had never expected to see Andrew to be such good with kids..
and we begin to wonder..
"Will this child change this man forever?"
Guess there's only one way to find out..

Are you still considering ABORTION???

*Andrew said he'll post a comment when he has the answer..*
*Just so you know, this post is pure crap ler..No hard feelings k brother..*

*Andrew's a good man...He didn't make me say this..hehe*


  1. OMG!!!! when i reading ur blog..
    juz keep on laugh oni.. haha..
    OMG!! andrew... andrew...
    im reali speechless afta i read ur blog..
    i know him around 3years, doesn't know tat he is liketat...
    haha.... (^_^)
    is funny!!!

  2. child is innocent and cute...our heart will totally melted when looking to their face,right?

  3. opps.. all comments r so negative.. seem like will kena marah kaw kaw..
    admit children r cute n adorable.. but at the age of us... children was a huge burden in our future.. no matter in term of $$ or else. it take alot of time n responsible, if u r not ready yet.. child r d 1 who suffer in the cycle of growing...

    P/s: rubber saved life