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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Blessed, or not??

Some of you may know that I had an accident last Sun (14 Sept)
For the first time, it happened too sudden and I was still shocked and couldn't think of what to do..
and because of that, I had to pay unnecessary bucks and got my stuff stolen..

Damages include:
Smart tag (RM100)
Touch & Go (Rm14)
Cologne (RM67)
Ipod Video (RM1499)
Credit card (RM1001)
Total damages: RM2681!!!

I got my things stolen because I made a HUGE mistake..
I was stunned the moment I hit a car, and allowed some "good" samaritan drive my car to the side of the road..
I presume he stole all those stuff, and used my credit card to "steal" petrol..

How bad was the car accident??
It is my worst one ever!!!
But I guess its not too bad because both my airbags are still safely in their compartments..
Here are some photos:

*Right view*

*Is it bad??*

*Front View*

*Left View*

Bad luck strikes three times right??
So..Accident, things got stolen only counts to two..
Where's the 3rd one??
Here it is!!
After the "good" samaritan stole my things, the same group of people (6 of them) said they were from a workshop..
They even gave me their namecard and said that they can help me make police report etc and asked me to sign an authorisation form to authorise them to tow my car..
If they tow it without my signature they can be charged car-jacking!!

I wasn't really convinced at 1st but the senario was kinda kelam-kabut..
So after much thought and reading the form over and over, I signed ler..
Mana tau by signing that form, I'm authorising them to FIX MY CAR!!!!!
After I notice something is wrong, my dad asked me to take the form back from them..
So I politely asked the form back and they asked me to pay RM500!!
According to them its the "market price" if any other workshops want to "purchase" that case..
Hilang lagi 500!! Luckily I didn't have much money that time and I got it back for RM200.. *But still..*

So the next day, I got my car towed to the workshop *the one I chose*
and went to make police reports etc..
So I went to the Traffic Police Station in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee *Near Pasar Seni LRT Station*
then went to Kepong Police Station to report about the theft..
Later, I was asked to go to Sentul Police HQ to meet an inspector to follow up that case..
3 police stations in a day!!!!!

Finally to end the whole thing, I had to go to the Traffic Police Station today (17 Sept) to pay a summon of RM300!!
See how much I lose just because of an accident!!!


  1. OMG gor... never think tat is so terrible leh...
    OMG!!! reali duno wat can say now..
    all the bad wil pass through & all the good thing wil cum now...

  2. as i promise to have a look at ur blog, so now do i come and have a sit here,but it is too surprise to me as there was an accident happened to you,only on the next day i met you.
    nothing to say,just hope that you can take it easy, mayb it's quite difficult sometimes, but i know you sure can practise what you have learnt rite?
    lastly,sincerely i welcome you to have a look at my blog,

    though i cant create any beautiful poster like you, but i used to record my life using words...
    you will c the things i write for you all there
    take k~~

  3. Grace: Hehe~Good things will definitely come..Just need to have faith..

    Pei: Of course I'll be fine..What other reasons do I take the lessons for? Those lessons helped me alot!!

    Egg-gy: Haha!! Yeah Its very very serious..Thats why I'm very poor now!!!

  4. Heard from Grace that you met accident and your smart tag have been stolen.
    But dunno you lost so many things.

  5. Hehe~ I'm considered lucky ddi to not have my life stolen as well~

  6. Drive carefully next time...the road accident is totally unpredictable~

  7. lol... u very poor arh... ask tat SOMEONE pay for u lo... =P (*evil me*)