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Friday, 29 February 2008

Week 2~ GONE~!!!

People say, the 2nd week of work is the period you hate your work most..
Many can't survive it, and i barely made it~

Why do people say so?
The 1st week is when everything is fresh and new to you~
The 2nd week is when you hate your job~
The 3rd week is when you get used to working life~

the 2nd week is supposed to be a NIGHTMARE~!!!!

okay okay, this was how my 2nd week go~
Day 1 - Finished up last week's work, then they asked me to do data entry..1490 entries~!!!
Day 2 - Did the job pretty unwillingly, so i finished all entries within a day when my dateline was 1 week away..
Day 3 - An email came to me.. MORE WORK~!!! This time, 1040 entries..More details to fill in, starting to hate the computer..
Day 4 - Lazily did the work, then a phone call came..
"Leslie, check out the hotels near our office and ask them to quote for a day's training"
OMB~!!! I stopped data entry and searched for info and called the hotel to get the quotations..Finished that by the end of the day after answering numerous phone calls..
Day 5 - Phone calls are looking for me again..Everyone's going "Leslie, phone.." Then my director called..
"Leslie, please go to the restaurant on monday to see the setting of the room and make sure everything is running smoothly..ALSO, confirm the booking with the hotel for the training..THEN get another quotation for a lunch meeting for 40pax from the hotels you called yesterday.."
Wah~!! So many assignments to do~!!! No choice, all these are better than telemarketing which i hate so much~ It had been a touch week, but at least I survive right?
ADVICE TO EVERYONE: Its really not nice working as something you don't enjoy..The money isn't worth it~hehe~

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

** Day 1 of my internship **

This post was 8 days overdue..
Everything written here was what I felt 8 days ago,
on the 1st day of my internship..

*Woke up at 6:45am*
OMB!!!! Starting my internship today~!!!
Don't know how long does it take to travel to my office in UOA building right opposite KLCC..
*Imagine the traffic of KL*
Nightmare wey~!!!

Anyways I was supposed to meet Cherlene at 17:15am,
We're training at the same company~
So I met up with her outside her apartment,
Her housemate fetched us to the monorail as he passes there..

After experiencing the bad traffic for 15mins,
I looked at the time in his myvi,
I'm supposed to report for work by 8:30am~!!!
OMB OMB *panic panic*
then I whispered to Cherlene:
"eh, you think we're gonna be late?"
"huh? still got so much time left~"
"wey, 7:55am ddi k~!!! We don't even know how long the train journey takes~!!!"
"aiyah~relax lar...His clock is 15mins faster wan~"

We arrived at Titiwangsa Monorail,
surprisingly there aren't many people and the journey takes only 10mins~!!
I arrived at the office 5 mins earlier..hehe~

After that I spent the whole morning in the meeting room with 10 other trainees..
5 are my coursemates..
We talk while waiting for a briefing and work given to us..
After lunch, the briefing started and we were splited into 2 groups..
ERP and TAXcom..
I was assigned to TAXcom along with another coursemate and all the other trainees..
There's supposed to be a presentation by the TAXcom trainer at someone's office..
We went there immediately, the office is at D'sara Intan..

The whole presentation was BORING~!!!!
I almost slept at the stuffy meeting room...
After what feels like a very very very very very long time,
I look at my watch and it says 5:15pm..
15mins more~!!!!
*wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ZZzzz*
OMB its not over yet!~!!
after what feels like years, the presentation finally ended at 7pm..
*sweat wey~!!!*

They sent us to the nearest LRT so that we can go back to Wangsa Maju..
I didn't go back as I waited for my family at the LRT station so that we can go visit my relatives..
*It was still CNY back then*

after visiting a few houses, my parents sent me to the LRT station and I make my way back to my apartment..

After arriving home, I bathed and slept within 10mins..

So LIFEfull for my 1st day of work..
hopefully I'll be able to adapt to this kinda life~hehe~

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Do wE ovEruSe thE woRds "I love you" ??

I was online one day,
had nothing better to do,
so I went to read all *a few* of the testimonials i sent to xian, evie, stef etc..
then I realise,
I've been using the word "Love" so very often..

Have I been misusing the word?

I do feel that I love them,
not in the mushy mushy way of course,
but I do love them as my close close ones..

To certain people *Like me, evie, stef* these words are quite common,
it expresses how we feel towards our loved ones..
this includes our close friendship/ kor-mui r'ship etc..

Whereas for certain people, these words are only meant to be used on special occasions,
for special people~
They might think that people like me don't mean what we say,
or maybe something else *I'm not them...I don't know..*

To everyone who's reading this:
Saying it often doesn't mean that its not special anymore..
Saying it to girlfriends/ boyfriends are different from saying it to friends..
You may say that its the same words,
but the feeling is DIFFERENT~
the passion is different~

Certain girls *or guys* may feel insecure when their other half say "love you" to their friends..
I don't know why or what makes them feel that way..
I won't understand it cuz i've never been through it..
Someone please enlighten me~ haha~!!

Anyways, back to the topic..
Sometimes I feel that i've been using it alot,
it is enough for my future girlfriend to have a million reasons to get mad at me~
Like I said just now, it is different towards different people..
can we ever find an equilibrium point to whether to say it or not?
I guess not huh?

I wish that this topic will come to an end *as in we know how much to say it*
so that future potential relationships won't be destroyed because of it..
But we all know its impossible..
shucks~!!! We'll just have to see how it goes kan?
anyways to love, is better than no to love..

Saturday, 23 February 2008

HouSe wArmiNg oN thE 10th dAy oF CNY~

I have so many more events to update but I just didn't have the energy and time to do it~!!!
Never mind ler, I'll just blog as much as I can..
For those events that can't be found in my blog can be found in the blogs of others..
their links are on the Boogles *I didn't know how i came up with that name* section.
Common events can be found in Sann, Evie, Bozz, Yin, and Shzen's blogs..

BUT~!!! This blog post can't be find anywhere else~
BECAUSE it is EXCLUSIVE from me~!!!

*Tries to remember what happened on that day*
Oh oh.. I remember ddi...

On the 10th day of CNY *1 day before the visiting trip* I had a house warming..
This is special for our family because its the only time of the year my extended (mother's side) family will come to my house..
Everyone lives in Klang, except us..
This is the only time they come, and the only time we see each other during CNY, AND also the only time EVERYONE is around a the same time~!!

Part of the reason why this is the only time everyone's around is because my extended family is HUGE~!!! *Lucky my house is enough to contain everyone*
And part of the reason is because of my dad's yummy cooking~!! and he's ONCE-A-YEAR assam laksa~ *Yummy~!!!*

Early in the morning *not really actually* at 9am I woke up, got ready then drove to Klang to get the chicken wings and some chicken parts *I'm not sure which part is it, but its YUMMY~!!!*
After that I rushed back home, and mommy asked me to go get some sauces and eggs..
When I reached home, everyone was helping prepare for the night's event EXCEPT my youngest sis~!!! she was SLEEPING~!!! haha~!!!

First I help arrange the ang paos..

*Its supposed to look like a rat*

This is crazy okay, at 1st i designed it on the floor..It looks okay,
then when I started doing it on the mirror, the shape change..
I can't get the shape I wanted..
When I was doing it halfway, my elder younger sis came down the stairs,

"Eh, now's the year of the rat la..Why you do pig??!!"
"Its supposed to be a rat la~ like pig meh??"
"Look like lor~"
"Aiyah, now the pig evolving to rat mer.. Its called GUINEA PIG~"
*We both laughed*

And then my mother heard the laughter and came outta the kitchen..

"Eh, why you do pig wan? Where's the rat just now??"
* Grumble grumble*

In the end, with the help of my sis, I did this HAMSTER looking rat..

Then I hung up the *I don't know what you call it*
The picture will tell you what is it ler~

*Its the one behind the chair*

Here are some decors in my house..

*Statues of the 3 Gods, Fu Lu Shou*

*A coin bank decorated with lights on top of a vase*

I went outside and know what I saw??

*My dad with his assam laksa soup*

It took him days to cook the soup you know?
But this year it took him less time, I'm not sure why..
Don't underestimate the pot, It looks small because of my shooting angle..
This is the kinda stainless steel pot you see hawkers use to boil their soup..
It proudly fed 50+ people assam laksa~

*Oh no~!!! The sky's dark~!!*

Bad sign bad sign~
Have you ever heard of a belief that when it rains during someone's party,
it means that the host is stingy or unwilling to held the party?
It rain so that guests cannot come and the party can be canceled~
Wey wey, don't simply think ya~
my family ain't stingy nor unwilling..
It didn't rain, the rain cloud got blew away

*Us helping out in the kitchen*

The one on the left is my 2nd aunt, she came early so she helped..

* I was cutting the lime into half for the laksa*

*My sis thought it was cool to take a photo from that angle*

*All the food stuff*

*Black pepper pork ribs and braised chicken part*

*Tea egg*

*Mom checking on her chicken wings*

*Mini fountain with lil guppies inside*

*Drinks for the night, No..there are more to just beers*

*My poor dog Jan being tied up*

*Tried to manja me, but didn't work...heartless*

*Poor poor dog*

*Oh there's the messy kitchen with all the ingredients in it*

*My sister's dish..Egg with mayo and yolk, and a lil black pepper..heard it was good~*

*Family reunion*

No..These aren't the only people in my house.. It was still very early and the rest came on time..
the photo above was taken when my dad tries to show off a fruit with magical powers..
I don't really know what its called, but my dad told me its the "emporer's fruit" or something like that..
It changes your taste buds and make sour things taste sweet...
*I wonder how it does that*
I've personally tried it before..
This fruit can really spoil the original taste of food~!!
Lemons taste like oranges..
Red Wine taste like Ribena..
Beer taste like Sodas..
Gosh wey~ no more original taste~!!
WARNING FROM MY DAD: Have your assam laksa before you try the fuit~

That night was not bad~ almost all my relatives were there~
about 50+ people came..
and no one got suffocated due to lack of oxygen..

At about 11something, I called evie out to have starbucks cuz I really missed her and starbucks~
*Evie flattered??*

Yeah and thats all for my 10th day of CNY, the next day was the visiting trip that was posted earlier..

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

CNY Visiting with youths~

okay okay, I planned a visiting trip with then youths last sunday..
This activity was organised by a good friend of mine a few years back..
and now since he hasn't been coming to temple for some time ddi, i've organised one last year..
Actually, I didn't wanna organise the visiting trip this year as i think that youths aren't very active and its gonna waste my effort as not many ppl will turn up..
But one night, HER SHENG called me and ask if we're gonna have the visiting trip this year..
Since he is going to Japan to study this April,
I thought "what the heck, organise ler since its gonna be the last time i'll have activities with him"
and I'm sure glad I did~!!!

In the morning, the temple had organised a calligraphy competition..
This even is organised every CNY but I never went to help because i'm lazy, or sometimes busy visiting my relatives..
*But mainly its cuz i'm lazy la~*

This year, as usual, I didn't plan to go,
So i arrive there at 11am cuz that was the time I said we should meet for the visiting trip..
once I step in there, Siok Yee asked me:
"Hey you got camera?"
"Okay good, my camera no battery take photos.."

So...these are the photos i took~

*Photos of both judges demonstrating calligraphy...I was there late, competition over*

*Everyone sitting down for the prize giving ceremony...100+ participants this year*

*MC of the day~ Ms Jiang..Dharma teacher..Used to teach me =\*

*Headmaster of Kuen Cheng Primary School~ A very nice guy to be with*

*Headmaster giving speach while the judges and De Lv Shi(Nun) listens???*
*I don't call her 'shi fu' as 'shi fu' is another person"

*Judge commenting on the calligraphy skills of participants in general*

*Prize winners of the primary, secondary, and the open groups*

*Gotten a prize?? Yeah right~!!!!!*

*De Lv Shi represent Shi Fu to give speech*

*De Lv Shi representing Shi Fu to give red packets*
*The boy is soooooo polite bowing down~!!!!*
*Normally we(youths) kneel down...but this year we didn't*

*Youths with their red packets*

*Work of the participants*

*Posers on cleaning job*

*Stupid Crystal blocking the view~!!!*

*I love taking the photo of the main hall*

*I took the orange on purpose k~!!!*

*The jidge giving extra attention and pointers to the participant who asked him after everyone left*

*Calligraphy is wonderful kan??*

*While keeping those work.....*

*They posed if its their work...*

*and others join in~!!!!!*

After temple, we went to makan...
And then...SOMETHING happened~!!!

*Is it a bird??*

*Is it a plane??*

*Nolar...we 'guai' temple youths makan in vegetarian stall...haha~~!!!!!*

After lunch, we went to Her Sheng's house 1st..
after that we went to Siok Hui's house~
and there, I found something really cute~!!!

*The clock~!!! I can't resist not taking a photo of it although her mother was looking~!!*
*The eyes can move wan you know?!!!!!*

Then we went to Siok Yee's house...
This is the 1st time we went to their house since they shifted in Jan 2008..
*Yesh...its just recently, but its still the 1st time..haha*

*Candid shot*

*Then...they noticed~!!!!!*

*Isn't she adorable??!!!!*

She's the "product" of Jing Qiang and Siok Yee..
Once the lengchai and lenglui from the temple..
They met in camp, and started dating since dunno when..
and they got married~!!!!
Then there is TZE XIAN!!!!!!
Its the name of the baby by the way~

*I must take photos with my 'daughter' right??*
*Oh i miss tze xian (Xiannie in aussie)*

*Greedy lil pig~!!!*

*Then she SAW the camera~!!!!Gosh~!!!*

*Even her water bottle is adorable~!!!*

*Right before leaving, she lets me carry her~!!!! but...she look like she wanna stop me from snatching the limelight~*

After Siok Yee's, we went to Pei Ling's house..
Because she always *and I mean ALWAYS* wear Nike attires, we call her "Nike Long"
There is another one we call "Nike Short" cuz her hair is short...
Judging by her attires, we thought her house should be very trandy,
But upon entering her house, we saw...

*Ancient record player~!!! The 1st i've ever seen...Still functional..*

*The word 'prosperity' made out of ancient 1cent coin*

*Not-so-ancient-but-cute-guinea pig*

*Ancient motorola 'tumbler' handphone*

*Got 2 summore~!!!*

*I've never seen this before~!!!! Ancient crossbow~!!!!*

*I was fascinated by this when i 1st entered the house*

*So beautifully carved~!!!*

*A mountain with ANCIENT RM1 coin*

This house was by far the COOLEST house i've visited~!!!!!
So many antics, her father loves antics...
Never judge a book by its cover wey~
It may look new in the outside, but in the inside, it may be old~
So better triple check your books before buying...Hahahaha~!!!!

After Pei Ling's house we went to several people's house,
They are, Wei Hao, Shanny, and then Crystal's house..
At Crystal's house, her siblings kept asking us to gamble with them...

*There goes the guai youth image....gambling..*

*This is what happens when girls took the camera*

*Camwhore on the 8th floor*

We spent the whole morning in the calligraphy competition,
and the whole afternoon visiting 8 houses altogether..
We started going home at 7pm and I reached home at 9pm cuz i had to fetch everyone back..
After that, I followed my family to my dad's 1st friend in KL's house..
can you imagine, 38yrs of friendship??!!!!!
At that house warming, my sister found out that....

*My camera blends well with the red table cloth*

Sweats wey~ but hey, its cool~!!!!
That ends the tiring day of visiting...
Although we had lotsa fun, but something is missing,
It would be more fun if Ee Ling could join us that day..

Lingz: You missed out Alot~!!!!! We're so gonna laugh at you when we see you the next time~

The best thing is, I had to drive back to KL at 12am..
and 1st da of internship is the next day, had to wake up at 6:45am..

Anyways, updates on internship and my house warming on saturday will come soon~!!!