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Friday, 29 February 2008

Week 2~ GONE~!!!

People say, the 2nd week of work is the period you hate your work most..
Many can't survive it, and i barely made it~

Why do people say so?
The 1st week is when everything is fresh and new to you~
The 2nd week is when you hate your job~
The 3rd week is when you get used to working life~

the 2nd week is supposed to be a NIGHTMARE~!!!!

okay okay, this was how my 2nd week go~
Day 1 - Finished up last week's work, then they asked me to do data entry..1490 entries~!!!
Day 2 - Did the job pretty unwillingly, so i finished all entries within a day when my dateline was 1 week away..
Day 3 - An email came to me.. MORE WORK~!!! This time, 1040 entries..More details to fill in, starting to hate the computer..
Day 4 - Lazily did the work, then a phone call came..
"Leslie, check out the hotels near our office and ask them to quote for a day's training"
OMB~!!! I stopped data entry and searched for info and called the hotel to get the quotations..Finished that by the end of the day after answering numerous phone calls..
Day 5 - Phone calls are looking for me again..Everyone's going "Leslie, phone.." Then my director called..
"Leslie, please go to the restaurant on monday to see the setting of the room and make sure everything is running smoothly..ALSO, confirm the booking with the hotel for the training..THEN get another quotation for a lunch meeting for 40pax from the hotels you called yesterday.."
Wah~!! So many assignments to do~!!! No choice, all these are better than telemarketing which i hate so much~ It had been a touch week, but at least I survive right?
ADVICE TO EVERYONE: Its really not nice working as something you don't enjoy..The money isn't worth it~hehe~

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