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Monday, 3 March 2008

Living for the moment~

Yesterday when I was on the way to pick Evie and Shzen up at 6:30am,
I drove past a dead body~
No..I didn't drove OVER it~ Just past it~
a HUMAN dead body..
It didn't really get into me at 1st..
after a moment, i really felt the eerie-ness..*evie-ness??*
Suddenly it just occured to me that life can be so fragile..

I've learned about "Wu Chang" *Sorry la...Office PC cannot type mandarin* in my dharma classes..
I understand what is it about and felt it alot in my life..
But sometimes a person gets too carried away by the real world and don't really treasure what they have..
This incident is kinda like a 'faith renewing' session for me~
I had alot to think while on the way to the girls' house..

Have it occured to you that *I'm sure it had* you try to do every possible thing to make sure that the future is going according to your plans even if it meant sacrificing things you love in the present?

What if there is no future?
What if you did all those things just to have it all wasted because you didn't live to enjoy it?

People are always thinking about the future~
Have they every thought about the present?

I remember there 's a song that I find really meaningful~
I can't really remember the title and the exact lyics,
*I copied the lyrics while listening to it in the office, but the paper got lost~*
The lyrics say something like this,
"Live for the moment,
The past had gone,
and the future has not come..
The present is the only true moment,
So live in the present.."

I really like it because whenever we start to plan for the future,
we really neglected the present..
Some people only cares about the final result without enjoying the process..
Most people cares about the final result AND enjoy the process BUT they forget to be sensitive enough to learn throughout the process..

Is the future really that important?
Of course it feels really good if we get what we wanted..
But what if we didn't?
Should be just break down and lose all hope?

Today's the day I finally got my results..
I didn't do very well,
CGPA dropped like s***..
Was kinda unhappy *but it only lasted less than an hour*
I was unhappy because I got a B- for my finance which I anticipate at least a B+
I was even more upset when the people seeked help from me got B+ for it~!!
I went back to work and listen to my ipod as usual..
Then it happened like heaven's trying to send a message to me~
That very song was played in my ipod..
and I started thinking..
should I really be unhappy?
Although my CGPA dropped, but I had tasted the glory of being the top student with another 2 friends for a semester~
I had that chance, and not everyone gets it~
I should treasure it~
The people I helped in finance are really happy..
Eventhough I didn't get the result I wanted, but my friends have it and thats all that matters right? I helped them..They will thank me even if they're not telling me~

I feel really happy now~
Felt that life really means something..
Life is all about balance..
We cannot live ONLY in the present and not think about the future..
We cannot drive super fast because the adrenaline rush feels great but risk meeting God asap~
But we cannot think ONLY about the future..
There are so many beautiful things to be appreciated in the present..

I like a statement *izzit??* that evie gave~
"I would choose the guy I love over my studies in overseas"
Studies may only be a temporary thing that can be taken anytime in our live..
But the person you love only comes once in a lifetime..
and only ONE may come in a lifetime..

So why sacrifice your whole life for something that you can have anytime?

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