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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

March 25, 2008 - a niGht tO reMemBer~ I'm a LENGLUI post~

I try not to be superstitious..
I believe only certain superstitions and pantang-larangs because I don't wanna regret due to my ignorance over it..
But sometimes, even the slightest superstition can make you very superstitious *SOMETIMES*

Who said you'll get a streak of bad lucks if you do not forward mails?
Who said bad lucks come in 3?

You see, I had a SUPER day *night actually* yesterday!!
I was supposed to go to Sg Long to return a spare tyre to my friend
She was at her church opposite New Era College in Kajang, so I went there to meet her la~
On the way to Kajang, most of the traffic lights seem to bully me!! Everytime I can see them from a distance, they turn from green to yellow..
I feel like they are mocking me~ *laughs*

My friend said:"Wah, the traffic lights bully you, not a good sign.."
Me:"Aiyah, don't be superstitious la..Every thing's gonna be fine~"

So we reached Kajang safely and returned the spare tyre..
It was about 10pm and we're still feeling hyper. It was obvious that none *5 of us* didn't wanna go home so early..
I suggested a spontaneous Karaoke session as we had to pass by Cheras Leisure Mall and there is a Neway near it..
The guys *3 of us* were ON so that leaves the girls *2 of them* no chance to say no as they are the minority..
Most of the time we go these kinda places with a large group of friends and they are really really noisy..
So we expected a nicer Karaoke session that night..

After reaching Neway, we had to wait for an hour because it is cheaper to sing after midnight and ladies do not have to be charged..
So our singing session started at 12am..


Then someone opened the door and said something but we could hardly hear him *you know la..with the music and singing and all*
At first we thought he asked us not to stand on the seat *we were all standing on it*
but later, i heard him say "Operasi..Keluar keluar!!"


A police routine check in NEWAY??!!!!!
So POTONG okay~!!!
We were happily singing and then this happens~!!!!

We had to go out, give our IC, then guys and girls were separated *As seen on TV*
Everyone were sent into rooms to split up the HUGE group of people while the police calls back HQ to have our IC checked..
Later, they searched "suspicious" people with backs and those with "bad boy" look for drugs etc..
they also did a urine test for drugs on random people *I think the looks play a part too*
It is obvious that none of us will kena cuz we look so guai *we are too k!!*
So we were sent to another room..we call it the SAFE ROOM..
throughout the whole operation, there were so many people smoking~!!
there were 6 outta 10 people smoking for guys..
and girls were 8 outta 10 *according to yean ree*

Awhile later, the police reinforcement came with more supplies of urine test kits~
This time, EVERYONE has to have their urine tested~!!


The police are smart..They had everyone's IC photostated *about 12 in a page* so that they can call our names 1 by 1 without missing anyone out *izzit???*
There were 89 guys, and they called "TEE WEE YEN" on 40+ and "CHONG YEONG YAO" 2 numbers after wee yen..
I was expecting a "KHOR ZHAN SHUO" pretty soon but no luck~
they didn't call my name~!!!!
So the two guys went in, urinate whatever is in them and came out while i waited patienty for my name to be called out..
When the number is reaching 80, my phone rang..
Yean Ree called me "Eh lenglui~!!! You go wrong place ddi la~"
Me: "Huh?How you know?"
"Your IC is here the girls side"
". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

WTH??!!! My IC is at the girls room~!!!So means my name will NOT be called here~!!!
*I think, I was born a girl..aihz*
Upon clearing up the mess that the police made, I was the 88th person outta the 89 guys..
I quickly finished my business and gave them the test kit..

After checking everyone's test results, the negative ones were given their IC and being discharged~ *DISCHARGED!!!*
Upon leaving the building..Neway operators stand in front of the entrance to ask us to pay our bills summore~!!!
WTH wey!!! We came here and pay 100+ just for a spoiled karaoke session?!!
Some of us refused to pay *but I don't know if they got pay in the end anot la*
I was 1 of them too..but my friends were like "can meh??"
Sweat wey, you expect me to pay the full price despite what happened??

The manager *I think he's the highest there* came to discuss about the bill,
I *not wanting to pay in full* gave a whole lot of reasons *some lies* to why we don't want to pay full and have our balanced 2 hours compensated next time..
I also said we will pay in full if they can fulfill our requests *of course unreasonable ones la!!*
In the end, the manager left and pass the job to another guy *Much younger*
This time, he is more negotiatable..
After much negotiating, we settled the bill for RM73 instead of RM137..
But the whole karaoke session was spoiled *geram geram*

After leaving the place, I looked at my hand which was "tattooed" 88 *the number of my urine test kit*
and I remembered, my lucky number is 8 for this week~
how lucky is LUCKY??!!!
So now, will I ever be superstitious enough to think a streak of red lights bring bad luck?
I'm not too sure yet..hee~!!

Observations from NEWAY:
1. Most people who sing in karaoke are CHINESE *only 1 indian, who speaks mandarin there*
2. There are a whole lot more girls who smoke than guys!!!
3. It is not safe to sing in REDBOX or NEWAY eventhough their tagline says "Sing without worrying!!"
4. REDBOX and NEWAY *which claims to be a family K box* aren't for families *LOL*
5. Chong Yeong Yao is 1 hell of a smart riddler~!!! *He solved the riddle and won us a fruit punch*

PS: Look at the "Nothing to blog" post..Tuesday was EXCITING~!!!!

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  1. tat sumting i nt agree... 8 does not your lucky number.. if it really do.. our wallet nonit suffer jo.. where our toto, magnum n da ma chai go?!
    by d way bro, im chong yeong yau not chong yeong yao.. remember!!