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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My very own can??!!!

My daughter CURSE ME!!!!
Now i'm not gonna have a gf~
not even find a step mom for xiannie ):

"so daddy can u tell me wat wish did i make that u were talkkin bout in ur blog?"
"you said you'll wish the girl i like will like me...but it didn't come true~ ):"
"i'm sorry, i guess i'm only good at cursing ppl? gosh.."
"nvm nvm...daddy shall find another..hhaha"
"so the one u r sayin in ur blog is who? its scary laa that i have the ability to curse ppl"

"eh daddy who is in ur heart laa thats the thing i wanna know"
"No one at the moment...i'm gonna kick joanne out..haha"
"aww y? eh no one then wats with all the hints?"
"I was just expressing my thoughts..haha"
"don't worry la...i'll tell you when i have someone in mind...You didn't advertise daddy also..."
"u better! because i dont wanna share my daddy with someone else ):"

"muahaha i m soo selfish!"
"okay daddy knows why i can't find gf...cuz you're cursing me..."
"i'm SO gonna blog about this man~!!!"
"OH NO!"
"ehh daddy i dint curse u ): hmm...maybe i did secretly in my dreams n i din realize"
"involunteery acts...haha"
"yeaaa haha! din do it on purpose"

SEE~!!!! Xiannie's cursing me~!!

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