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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Shakespear's famous quote VS my thoughts~

This quote was in my head the whole morning,

"To be,or not to be"

To certain people, this verse may be cool, to some maybe not..
but what does it mean to me?

I think shakespear was a really confused man when he said that..
*its HIM who said it, right?
anyways just correct me if i'm wrong ler..*
anyways this verse can really confuse the confused~!!!
it makes them doubt their decision even more~!!!

My verse today is:
"To wait, or not to wait?"

Many times in our life we have to make tough decisions..
"To be, or not to be?"
"To do, or not to do?"
"To eat, or not to eat?"
"To sleep, or not to sleep?"
"To go, or not to go?"
The list can go on and on without stopping..

I don't know why, but I felt like i'm at a crossroad again..
and this time, the question is "to wait or not to wait"
Wait for what? That, I'm not sure..
Sometimes you just have to wait for the things you wanted..
while waiting for that, many things may pass you by..
and you might regret waiting for THAT particular thing while missing other things..

IF you chose to wait:
Will you really get what you wanted?
Will you regret waiting for so long?
Will you miss the thing you ACTUALLY want most?

IF you chose not to wait:
What if the thing you were waiting for will come to you eventually?
Would you regret not waiting?

Most of the time, we cannot have the best of everything..
its either ALL or NOTHING..
So what will it be?

Will you WAIT, or will you NOT?

I've tried waiting, yet it yields no result..
when i've made up my mind to give it up, it just shows a glimpes of hope for you..
what should I do?!!
I don't want to wait anymore because I don't wanna waste anymore time,
but sadly i can't seem to really let it go..
My brain wants it, but my heart does not~

SOMETIMES i wish that everything will be extreme~
either a yes, or no..
no maybe, no possibly, no FALSE HOPE!!!

Yes i know, the answer might be NO
but i still think there's a glimpes of hope..
I'm giving myself false hope..
but eVie knows my weaknesses..
I'm a failure at giving up..
I never gave up successfully before,
thats what making everything so hard..

OMB!! Cerena is playing "好久,好久" in its media player..
what a nice moment to emo ):

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