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Monday, 17 March 2008

Thank you my Angels~!!!

I'm such a lucky guy~!!!!
Even though my love life isn't really happening right now
but who needs a GF when they have a bunch of best friends who loves him so much kan??!!!
*Okay okay I better not curse myself*

Anyways like I said earlier..
I'm a lucky guy~!!!!
Infact, I think anyone who knows eVie, stef, yin, shzen, sann and xian are lucky~!!!
They would just go to the ends of the world just to bring you a surprise party~!!
*Sorry ler my SURPRISE reaction comes so slowly that you all couldn't see it~ ahaha~!!*

Well, this was what happened on that day la~
*you peeps read evie's its MY version*
Spot the difference..haha~!!

I went to evelyn's house right after work
5:30pm : left the office
6:00pm : not really far away from my office
6:10 : got out of the jam
6 *something* : arrived at evie's place..

I was late because of the freaking jam right outside my office k..
It always happens..
It happens EVERYDAY~!!

After arriving at her house, she asked if i would like to come in first..
*Stupid me forgot to expect a surprise, knowing evie*
So i just stupidly went into the house and evie said she's having probs with her skype..
I went in, and the 1st thing i look at is the VOLUME CONTROL
*Thats why i took only 2 mins to fix the prob*
One of the 2 smart geniuses who chatted in 2 INSTANT MESSENGERS (MSN and Skype) in the middle of the night, geniusly muted the skype volume *Swt-ness*
and yet I didn't notice anything unusual..
*about the surprise at least*

I don't know why i STILL did not think there would be some surprise okay..
I mean, EVERYONE would have expected a surprise from Evelyn because she never give up the chance to surprise birthday boys/girls whenever given a chance..

"Flaws" I noticed in Evie's house:
1. Her mom's car was parked inside the house compound but she was nowhere to be found
*Normally I would see her around unless her car isn't around*
2. Her youngest bro *my admirer* was walking outside ALONE
*Normally he's with his mom, and shy when he sees me*

Gosh wey~!! even after those things I didn't realise the 'surprise' until evie's mom appeared in front of her room door with a starbucks choc cream chip frap 'birthday cake'

*Haha my 'cake' is really cute~!!!*

I STONED when I see that okay~!!!
but it was SOOO cute I quickly made a wish even before evie asked me to
*Thats why you think i didn't make a wish*
hahaha~ then *pfft* the candle flame went off...Cuz i blew it~haha

So that was surprise number one
*Which evie claimed fail*

After blowing the candle, evie hurriedly ask me go fetch shzen..
*WTH, I thought she asked me to come in to rest 1st...*
So we were on our way to fetch shzen..
On the way to the curve after that,
I saw a plastic bag trying to flee its country WITHOUT A PASSPORT!!!
Its migrating to a better country~
Illegal immigrants, Malaysia's full of it..
*okay everything was just so random...SOOoo leslie~*

We had dinner at "the apartment" cuz evie said she never went before..
and we didn't get the bed~!!!
I always eat at the bed and this is the 1st time i ate at the door~
*Just in case you peeps are confused, pics will tell later*
Well, i didn't blame evie although she claims that i did..
I totally understand why we couldn't get the bed..

1. the bed fits 4 diners but we have 6.
2. evie hasn't been there before therefore didn't book the bed.
*evie, don't blame yourself anymore k?*

Dinner time~!!!
I argued alot with evie because she wouldn't eat..
although she's saying that she's a woman who keeps her word,
i just call her stubborn..simple..
So i ordered for her myself..
This was what we ordered...

*Shzen's apartment soup*

*Evie & Leslie's cheese platter*
*Yin stole all the frozen grapes!!!Its yummy!!*

*Yin and her Buffalo mozarella & tomato salad*
*The woman on her left looks totally gross~!!!*

*Lemon Sole*

*Sann and derek's (both of them DIDN'T share the same plate la)*

after lots of argument between evie and I, we took some photos then let the apartment..
Oh oh..Almost forgot to explain the "bed" and the "door"

*You see, everyone's sitting on the bed..its called THE bed*

The table we ate at, it was actually a DOOR!!! They took the door down and put a glass over it to make it a table..
*Btw, sann discovered that*

After a short photo session, shzen, yin, sann, and derek hurriedly left as yin and shzen have to go back home early and derek sent them back..

Evie said she wants to get a lime green paper bag for her present for another girlfriend..
so we walked to cineleisure *supposed to shop for her paper bag* but in the end we shopped for Cerena's peripherals/apparels *LOLx*
At that point I notice a lil weird thing, evie didn't ask me to take photos with her the whole day~!!
*something's wrong*
after walking pass starbucks at the curve, I suddenly remembered about the surprise earlier and suspected that the 4 who left earlier is up to something~!!

When we were in the car, evie smartly finds an excuse to ask me go to DJ..
she said she's having shzen key..
after calling shzen *or did shzen call??* shzen said she didn't have the key and couldn't get into the house..
*Wey, abit the funny right..who would leave a girl outside and drive away wan??!!!*
If derek is such person, sann should stay away from him..haha
*Sorry derek*

Puzzle pieces are being put together and its pretty obvious that a surprise is coming up~
So i went to DJ and shzen said she's at sandy park..
*SANDY PARK??!!! So far from her place~!!*
Normally, i would get very worried as its late at night, DJ is prone to have snatch thieves and robbery, AND shzen's house to sandy park is at least 800m away~!!
But no, i just chilled there cuz i know there's no way shzen will WALK to sandy park ALONE..

Upon reaching sandy park, the first thing i saw was a hut with candle lights..
"Abit the obvious right?" I told evie..
yeah..It was really obvious but really sweet~!!!

*the poor people who feed the mosquitoes while feeding themselves with BIG APPLE DONUTS*

*A photo of how my "carrot candles" should be positioned*

*Too bad lots of the candles burned the paper due to the wind..You peeps should've waxed the paper 1st*

*My first "celery" from bozz~*

After that, I thanked everyone and sann left with derek while i sent shzen and yin back..


Evie stayed a lil longer with me as i don't really feel like going home yet,
so we went to OLD TOWN together but just for a short while..

GUESS WHAT my 3 girls (Yin, Stef, Evie) got me?

*This book is SO me k~!!! people are gonna hear more crap~!!!*

*Bozz's present - before*

*Bozz's present -after*

Bozz: Your salad and carrot juice is YUMMY~!!!thanks, love you so much~!!
eVie: Thanks for the surprises!! Don't emo emo k?Love you too~
Yin: I know you love kor, thanks for coming eventhough you're tired..hope you will be fine with your internship..
Sann: NiGu~!!!! Don't follow your mazi's footsteps ya~*haha*
Xian, Stef: Eventhough both of you aren't there that day, eventhough it isn't as fun as when you're here, but really...thanks for the msgs!!!

See, ain't I a lucky guy??!!!

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