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Thursday, 27 March 2008

yOu knOw wHo yoU arE~

Although life is tough and very unpredictable *thats what makes it fun though*
there are too many lil problems for us to care about each and every bit of it..
Just too many..

You know that sometimes it is better *and healthier too* to IGNORE those petty petty problems,
some which doesn't concerns you..some its just a problem between your friends..

You can be stubborn all you want to, but i hope that you understand something..
You can cry all you want, emo all you want and say that you'll get over it the next day *which in most cases, you do*

But have you thought about this?
Why should you cry for someone who doesn't care, while breaking the hearts of people who cares for you?
I can tolerate almost everything you do, but not your tears..
It hurts me whenever i hear you cry..
You know how important you are to me, and i don't mind sacrificing sleep, phone credits just to be there for you whenever you need me *though not always*
so stop asking me to sleep or hang up..
Cuz you know i won't until i feel that you're alright..

You can choose not to tell me anything from now on,thats your choice..I have my choices to..which is being there for you whenever i can..


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