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Monday, 10 March 2008

Emo month is here~!!!

Well, the emo month is here~
*Btw, only Evie knows that March is my EMO month...*
I emo super alot in this month..
more than the usual once a month thingie..


I don't really know why do I do that,
but March really gets my brain moving..
things are always on my mind and I can't seem to get it out my brain..
and when I start thinking bout things *good or bad* chances are i'll turn emo~
*Hey, doesn't mean that I hardly think normally k~!!*

Just the other day *Friday night* I was driving back from work..
was pretty tired ddi due to the over stressing brain storming session I had with my deparment colleagues~
I was driving home LATE at night and BOOM~!!! my wrecked my 2 right tires by going into something I call a drain..
Its not really a drain but its a row of dug up soil with lotsa metal waste there..
My poor tires can't be used anymore!!! their rims also~!!!!
*Lucky I had a friend named sky to be there WITH me that day*

I had to call SOMEBODY to lend me a spare tire..
but who's gonna pick up their phone at 2am??!!!!!
no choice ler, stefanie *not you steffie* is the only one with a myvi who lives in KAJANG..
had to call her and hope she'll be disturbed by the phone call..hahah~

OMG stef!!! you're not asleep yet?
erm, noler..anything??
I need your help~!!!

After a short convo, she called her bf to bring his myvi to me so that i can have his spare tire..
Everyone knows that stefenie *yes, not you steffie* is a good girl and she never leave her home late at night..
Lucky her bf, Alan is around and i'm saved~!!!

Now now, how did a wreckless-yet-careful driver got into this messy situation?
I was thinking..the brainstorming session isn't over in my head yet!
somehow I don't know why my thoughts kept me from seeing the road..
It never happened before though..

Anyways the emo month has only pass 10 days...
21 days to go!!!

Steffie: Yes my blog is dead on weekends cuz i'm lazy to look at the screen after working hours..haha~
Evie: I'll be careful next time ler...don't gek sei~ I won't burn anything for you..
Sann: Come come he shang teach you how to be EMO~!!!

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