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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Judge my day~

Today was a NICE working day~ hee~!!!

*You can judge it after reading everything*

Today, I was supposed to go for an product training.
Only ME outta 6 trainees from my course..


Cuz i'm in charged of that segment of the market therefore i get to go..
*The others have their chances too*
2 went to Penang for 2 days,
2 were supposed to go *but till now still no news*
1 more was supposed to go for a product training too~
*SEE~!!!Our company is FAIR*

A week before this, I was asked to scout for a hotel and get quotations for the function room..
I got it all ready and booked it..Istana Hotel..
Today, I woke up earlier,
Dressed up nicely,
Grabbed my tie,
Sprayed some cologne,
then left the house~

I was there early because I accompanied Cherlene to the office,
We had breakfast and I head for Istana Hotel which was 10mins walk away..

Upon reaching there, I asked the receptionist where is the function hall and she kindly directed me to it..
I thought to myself:
"Wah, not late..lucky lucky~"
Then when i stepped out of the lift, the first thing I saw was "BIOFUEL: SAVE THE *bla bla i didn't bother remembering it*"


I looked for the receptionist again and ask where is YGL training supposed to be..
She checked the record and say there's no such event..


I called Humphrey(my marketing manager) immediately *Lucky I called him often enough to remember his number TEMPORARILY* and he told me
"The training is in TRAINING CHOICE..You know where?"
OM GBA~!!!
Training choice is all the way in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng~!! 20mins walk from here~!!

I hurriedly walked out of the hotel *skipping steps actually* and find a taxi..
I had to walk all the way to pavillion *Lucky it was only a 5mins walk* to catch a taxi.
Didn't have to wait long there..
I got up the cab and said "Jalan Yap Kwan Seng"
The cabby nodded and moved..When he almost reached the junction,
"Hey, you know how to go? Lead me..I'm new in KL"
*SWTS~!!! I dunno how to go~!!!!!*
"Hrm, I know where is it but not really sure how to go from here la"
"Nvm, you direct me.."
*I was sweating cuz of the long sleeved shirt, tie, NO AIR COND, and nervousness~*
"Okay la"
Lucky my knowledge of KL road led me to the destination pretty quickly..The fare was only RM2.70..


Before alighting the cab, I took my wallet out to pay..
In my wallet: RM50, RM50, RM50, RM50 *no more*

*OM GBA~!!!*

"Uhh, *Shows my money* you got change for RM50? *SMILES*"
*Shakes head*
"Liddat ar, I leave my bag *as hostage~!!* here, I go find someone to change for me ya"
*Nods head*

I ran my way to the nearest kiosk to get my money changed and ran back to the cab..
*Lucky he didn't run away*
After paying him, I searched for the building *I know which road is it in, but don't know where*
Search search search..asked Cherlene to google it for me, still can't find..
Finally I went to ask several people..then I found the place..

*Thank you kind citizens~!!!*

After I reached the place, *looks at watch*
30MINS late~!!!
I knocked on the door softly and shyly apologized and grabbed a seat..
In the room, there were people from 2 companies..

- Country Manager *Shock*
- ASEAN Region Chairman *Gasp*
- Germany Executive *Shiver*
- Executive Consultants from all around the world *ahh~!!*
- Singapore Chairman *Wah~!!*
*All handal handal punya orang..STRESS~!!!*

- Marketing Manager *Yikes*

- Branch Director *Tear*
- 4 Marketing Executives *Dizzy*
- All the project leaders I can think of *FAINT*
*All handal handal punya orang also..LAGI STRESS~!!!!*

The worst part? I WAS LATE~!!!!

The whole day was super crazy..I was so stressed and nervous I couldn't even sit still for lunch..
Was shivering the whole time..The whole day actually..
*My heart beats fast, breathing heavily till now*
This has been the 1st i'm I've been under such pressure during work~

While going back, I joined the other trainees..
They were all smiling there..
Cuz all the leaders are in the training with me..
and the office became a ZOO~!!!!
SERIOUSLY~!!!! *They have photos to prove it*
Even the employees there went crazy with them..


Same batch of trainees, 1 under serious pressure, the rest having FUN~!!!!
Life's so unfair man~!!!!!!

But I believe life's fair, I might be under major pressure now, but I believe that this experience will come to good use in the future *Hopes for better days ahead*

Now, judge my day..hahaha~

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