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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Love can be differentiated~

Dear peeps,
read the post below this 1st..haha

Okay okay why such a random post you ask?
I was talking to xiannie yesterday and the convo just popped out..
We were talking about me finding a stepmom for her and...

"now i got even more competition wei!"
"first got lil tze xuan, then now ur new laptop cerena! OMB"
"since theres more competition now i need to increase my efficiency!"
"hahaha those are different love~"
"no no no!no such thing!"
"why not???got la"
"explain to me then"

There, so i'm explaining over here..
You see, to me there's something called differentiation in this thing called love..
Its just like love for parents, friends, siblings, close friends, husband, wife, boy/girlfriend..
Let me put it this way *my version*
Our heart is divided into 4 parts..
So basically we can contain 4 different love without mixing it together in this lil organ right?
the "basic love" is love for family, friends, husband/wife, and boy/girlfriend..

As organisms are always evolving *from 10,000B.C. till 2008 A.D* we are now more sophisticated and can differentiate more love without mixing it..
I have a heart that can differentiate love to the individuals..
I love xian, evie, stef, yin, shzen, sann, tze xuan, cerena etc etc..
and these love will not be any less even if another person comes into my heart..
xiannie's future step mom for example..
So you see, there's always a lil space in my heart for all my love ones *which i have alot*
and no one has to worry that i will not love them anymore *unless they don't love me..haha*

Whenever we say "love you" to anyone, the feeling is different kan?
I remember stef felt different hugging her close friends *us* and her boyfriend..
same theories apply to everything..
those words may be the same, those actions may be the same..
but what differentiates it is who recieves it..

so xiannie, do you get it now?
although people may come and go in our entire life,
it doesn't matter how long they stay in one's heart..
its how much they mean to that one person that matters..


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