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Monday, 10 March 2008

My birthday = Mom's suffering day~

Normally, people will be happy on their birthdays~
Wishes, presents, smiles, hugs, party etc..
Somehow, my birthday's boring...

*not to me, to other people*

On this day, 22 years ago..
Marks a very special day for me..
It is the day that my mom venture to the border of life and death
just to bring me to this world~

is the day my mom lost a lot of blood,
lost a lot of calcium,
became out of shape,
suffered undescribable pain,
suffered undescribable anxiety
there's many more that I don't know..

is the day my dad worries if i'm a boy or a girl,
worries for my mom's life,
worries about my future,
worries if he can earn enough to feed me and make me warm..

is the start of their suffering..
when they starts to sacrifice everything they have for me..

Although its undeniable that babies do bring joy to the family..
but at the very moment the baby was about to be born,
anything can happen!!
what if my mom wasn't that lucky?
Even if she survived, it doesn't mean that every mother will not slip into the death realm while/after giving birth..

Mothers are great~
As seen in many dramas, most mothers would risk their own life just to deliver their baby..
they will not stop at anything even if it means hurting their very own body..
some mothers are willing to keep the baby eventhough they know that their cancer/sickness will turn worse~
Birthdays are meant to be a happy day, but it doesn't mean that we can forget about what your mother went through when she's delivering us..
*even if some people can, I can't*

Since a few years back, I stopped celebrating my birthday (10 March) with my friends..
*other days are fine, not 10 march*
this is because it will be an emo day for me..
and I've dedicated this day to my mom and for all the other mothers out there..
On this day, I will be fully vegetarian
*my shifu said its the best way to give thanks to my mom and it will bless her with good health, because I don't kill on the day she suffered*
I try to refrain from alcohol, drugs, sex etc O.o"

I know this is an emo post for a birthday boy,
but hey, what better way to dedicate this day to all the mothers in the world right?

EVIE: does this answer why March is an emo month?

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