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Saturday, 29 March 2008

It was always around, yet I never knew~

Yesterday, March 28 (Friday)

Kheng Yee, my first girlfriend went for an interview in Standard Chartered *which is near my workplace*
She waited for me after her interview so that we can meet up for dinner at Pavilion..
Was excited to meet her, because its been a long time since we last went out..
*the last time was 2 years back, lunch*
Although we talk on MSN sometimes, but nothing beats meeting the person in person right??!!!

We went for dinner at food republic
She had my friend's recommendation - Fried Kuey Teow (RM7!!!)
I had taiwanese beef steamboat *I think*
So sad k...normally, there are 50% discounts for selected food at the selected time,
but yesterday don't have ): I think its not available on Fridays..

Anyways we talked alot *actually I do most of the talking*
Most of it were my grandfather stories ler *Wonder if she's bored*
After the long dinner/chat session, we headed for Kenzo fish spa!!!
This isn't the 1st time for both of us..
She came here before, and I experienced it in Japan..
But it was still fun!!Only RM38 for 30mins *Its totally worth it!!*

On the way to her house, Kheng Yee said i've changed..
Can't remember what exactly was she saying ddi *you know la my memory*
But well, I do agree with her, but I never realise that until she brought it up..
I never realised I was less cheerful then before,
never realised that something's always bothering me *I don't know what*
But I totally agree with her its happening to me~
*This is what the post title is all about*

I felt that I've changed alot since...2003...
Lots of things had happened, and I'm sure that not many people know about it *not even evie, stef, and yin*
Evie might know a lil bit cuz I think I did tell her something *I'm not sure*
The "me" that is hanging out with everyone now, is the changed "me"..
If anyone felt any difference in me *high school and now*
That may be the little changes that i've undergone..
and there are bigger events in my life that just changed me..
It may be a good growing up teacher,
or may be a bad traumatizer..
anyways, this is the Leslie now..
No one can get the "young" Leslie back as he had grown up..

Its not exactly a bad thing right?
It may be a broken smile, but its still a smile~
Growing up has a price to pay, and i'm still paying it~

Anyways, I'm really glad that we went out together Kheng Yee~
I wonder why did we not take photos~ *laughs*
Hope you'll get what you're waiting for and your job too!!

- This is not an emo post -

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  1. I are glad too. HAHA. Seriously dude, take it easy and everything's gonna be alright~ =)