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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Its been a LONG, TOUGH, TIRING day..

Yes!! I'm back for now~
Haven't been doing any updates because as my post said, its been a LONG, TOUGH *arGh!!!I kept typing touCh* TIRING week~
Lets see, what did I do this week?

:: Monday ::
I went to office as usual, reached at 9am *work starts at 8:30am* and was surprised to see everyone standing outside the office..
WHY? Because apparently someone forgot to take the touch *not touGh* card out last week and we had to wait wait for SOMEONE who has it to come to work..
Imagine..8:30am start work, but yet we're still waiting at 9am..Lucky SOMEONE *I wasn't sure who* arrived some time after I arrived and yaye~ We got in!!
Without wasting any time, 3 renovators started doing their job *Yeah, my office under renovation* and we had to tidy up our tables so that its easier for them to do their job..
At about 10:30am, Humphrey *my marketing manager* asked Me, Fung, and Kheng to go to cyberjaya with him to set up the booth for the career fair~

OMGosh!!! I didn't sleep last night~!!!
Why? Because I couldn't sleep and accompany a friend the whole nice as she had to study for her test *not exams k!!*
Yesh yesh..Some of you may think I lied about me going to sleep that night,
But I couldn't sleep..
I don't know what, but its disturbing my sleep..
So, these are the few photos of her, on the webcam *Of course i'm smart enough to take my photo away*

*Showing of her fingernails before studying -_-"*

*Yesh yesh..Be a good girl and study*

*Studying wanna MSN pulakz*

*On the phone???*

*Bdk ni blh tidur lagi~!!!*

*Yes i know..JAVA is hard*

Shan, if you're reading this, I'm not stalking you okay~
Just grabbed a few photos for blogging purposes~

Everyone, yes i know, I might be getting lotsa "sure she's not your girlfriend?" kinda questions..
The answer is YES!!She is NOT my girlfriend..

So i'm still available *LAUGHS*

Back to the story..Went to cyberjaya, visited MMU *Multimedia University* then set up the booths and went back to the office..
BUT we didn't go back to the office straight..It was still kinda early *about 3pm* so we *Including Humphrey and Danny* went to PAVILION to have a walk, while Humphrey see if he can buy Jco Donuts or not *Penang don't have Jco mer*

Later that night, tuition was cancelled because UMA *my student* had to attend her relative's birthday dinner..So I ajak Andrew, Vyen, Peywen, Yeanree out to makan..
Every semester, we have a betting stake..
The 1st semester was whoever who got the highest must treat dinner..
I was the one so i took them to a korean restaurant in Ampang..
Last semester was whoever who's CGPA increases must treat..
So Peywen and Andrew had to pay for the dinner..

We went to Kepong for western food..
At 1st I though only the few of us..
Mana tau an hour before the dinner plan,
I realise that EVERYONE is bringing their other half *except yeanree and me*
Yean Ree's boyfriend is in Pahang *Hometown*
And my girlfriend? Doesn't exist..

aihz~felt so lost eating with a bunch of lovey dovey couples..
But there are still photos~!!!

*Pey Wen and her new found BF*


*Andrew with SUSHI..Actually thats what we call her*

*Yean Ree with VYen's GF*

*Sushi with Peywen*

*VYen and GF*

*Basically everyone at the table except Andrew*

When the food comes, everyone was busy feeding their partners..
Only Me and Yean Ree have no one to feed,
So we took photos of our food to feed it to our partners when we can..

*Yean Ree's Charboiled Salmon*

*My US Sirloin Steak medium RARE*

:: Tuesday ::
Woke up at 6am because I have to leave the house at 6:30am for work today..
MMU CYBERJAYA career fair~!!
Pretty excited if it wasn't for the waking up time..
Went to UE3 to my company's staff house to meet up with Danny who will be taking us to MMU..
The Career fair was okay~
We ran out of job application forms because don't know which genius photostated very few only..hehe~
Nothing much happened there..

:: Wednesday ::
Same routine, MMU CYBERJAYA..
Today was abit slow, not many people came already because those who are serious in looking for a job after they graduate *soon* came yesterday..

Not much to blog about in MMU..But the campus is HUGE and its exterior looks nice..
Only students studying there know whether the University is good or not..
So no comments about there..
Next update MIGHT be next week as I'll be going to Nibong Tebal for Ching Ming~
*Safe trip for ME!!!*

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