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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How it all began~

You know,
there was a time where there's this man who really loves to be a LEADER.
He likes managing so much that he studies Management,
he made his son and daughter *Only a family of 4* study Management,
even his wife is from the Management line..

When both his children wants to get married,
he made sure that their other half are in the Management line too.
This guy is a Leading freak I tell you..

A few years after his children got married,
this man got grandchildren *So obvious..*
He was planning to make his grandchildren interested in Leading at that early age *swt*
But he can't find a way to make them like it as they are still too young..
He had to find a way..

He look and look,
think and think,
but still cannot find a way..
When he was about to give up, he got drenched in soap water threw from the top of an apartment..
He was furious and wanted to go upstairs to scold the person responsible..
and that that moment~


He finally found a way to make all the babies love Leading~!!!
He went home, came out with a business plan, talk to the bank for loans..
and TA DAH!!!!!
FOLLOW ME shampoo is BORN!!!

We use FOLLOW ME products when we're young..
Some of us even use it now..
Maybe we are the 'product' of the it~


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