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Thursday, 10 April 2008

April / May is declared as a SICK month!!!

I just realised something:

1. I get sick once a year, and its usually April or May.
2. I'm super vulnerable to rain.

I remembered that i'm usually sick in Aprils or Mays because 2 years ago (2006) I had a terrible fever in May, it was SO bad that I had to go to the clinic to check if its dengue~ *Lucky its not*
Then last year (2007) I also had fever in May. It happened the day after I got drenched in rain *actually not drench ler..its just sprinkles*

THIS YEAR, I got sick in April *yesterday to be exact* and I suspect its because I was slightly wet by sprinkles of rain again..This time, i had fever and i can't seem to eat anything..I vomitted practically everything i ate yesterday..
1st, I vomited the juiceworks juice in 1utame *evie, yin, that was why i went to the toilet*
then when I reach home, my mom cooked porridge for me so that I can take my medicine..
and I vomited the juice + porridge before even finishing it!!

Yin told me yesterday that people who seldom get sick always feels super teruk when they every got sick..Because all the sickness berkumpul ddi..I agree with her, there are 2 reasons why someone like me *who get sick only once a year...average* feels super terrible when I got sick..

1. All the sickness berkumpul like what yin said..
2. I hardly get sick, even the slightest sickness can make me feel super teruk!!

I had medicine last night with loads of rest ddi..Feeling much better today as there is no more fever *Yippie!!!* but my tummy still feels upset..
No sharp pain..but i feel bloated all the time..
Evie said it might be indigestion..

Know what? I'm really terrible at sickness..I don't know what should I do when people get sick..
Its because I hardly have to care as I hardly get sick..
All I know is that when I have a headache, I sleep..
Fever, panadol..
Sorethroat, see doctor for antibiotic..

I'm a sucky for sickness..

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  1. nice blog... be cool... nobody is healthy all the way down... take care