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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Of Superstitions again~

A few posts ago, I just talked something about being superstitious about things *the traffic lights*
Didn't know that I will be talking about it again so soon~ *about superstition...not traffic lights*

I have this habit of reading the horoscope section of the Sunday Star *yes..only on sundays* as it tells the horoscope for the whole week..
This was what it said on March 30, 2008..

Pieces - Mars steps in as your social secretary and ups invitations. Quality of relationships also assumes greater importance. But there could be some difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy. An emotional outburst causes an upset late this week.

Lets see how true is this okay?

Social invitations upped this week *checked*
Quality of relationships assume greater importance *checked*
Difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy *checked*
Emotional outburst causes an upset late this week *checked*

Whoa~ All four things were so accurate!!
Normally, I read the horoscope but never believed it as it usually disappoints you.
But this week was incredibly true.

My week started well *read my previous post if you haven't*
It was just a lil tough, and tiring thats all..
On thursday, I went back to Sg Buloh as we were going back to my dad's hometown to pray for my grandpa and ancestors on friday.
Never did notice anything unusual when i got home, but later that night I got a news, and everyone in my family cried..*I would consider that as an emotional outburst*
I didn't actually see my dad cry, but my sister said he did..
*I was the last to know*

It is unusual to see him cry as the only time we ever saw him tear was when my grandpa passed away when I was in Form 1, 9 years ago.
So you guys should know that something pretty serious happened right?

Okay, life continued and we didn't talk about it so far..
I don't wanna bring this thing up at the wrong time but my family will have to face it eventually..Just waiting for the right time to discuss it..

We went to Nibong Tebal *South of Butterworth* thats where my dad's family is..
The whole day was okay ler..Nothing much happened.. *Thank Buddha*
Later that night, my mom told us that we have to go back earlier than expected as theres some problems with my dad's work..
One of his customer owed him RM300k+ was sued by the bank and declared bankrupt i think..
My dad has to go back to get all his properties before the premise is sealed by the bank..

Next day morning *Today* on our way back to Sg Buloh. one of my dad's contractor who was there to dismantle my dad's stuff for him called..
Guess what??
My dad's stuff has been taken away by Buddha-Knows-Who..
Not entirely everything, but the Pump Room was totally dismantled..
According to my dad, it is the most valuable thing he has there and thats what he wanna take only *it costs RM100k+ without labour fees i think*
Then soon after, there was a road block by the poilce..
Our car was stopped because we exceeded the speed limit.*!!!!!*
I sense money flying away again..
Gosh wey, The week isn't over yet and I'm not sure what's gonna happen next..I sure hope the streak of misfortunes turn into yummy streaks of least I enjoy eating them.. *Laughs*

Ish..Life is tough but it has to continue right?
I will continue reading tomorrow's Sunday Star to see what luck is in stored for me..though theres a high possibility I'm not gonna believe it..
Once again, Superstition is doing its part to make me acknowledge its presence and it had been doing a great job..
I may believe a lil of it, but still not THAT superstitious..
Hopefully IT won't punish me anymore *hee~!!!*

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