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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Life is PRECIOUS..yet fragile..

Remember the Great Eastern *I think* Insurance commercial?

"You are only 29 once..
You are only 39 once..
You are only 65 once..

Yes, it is trying to tell you to treasure your life and secure yourself financially with their insurance policy..
But well, what if YOU are only 29 once..and YOU are only 3*drop dead*
and you never even lived your 39th year?
What will you do?
Technically there's nothing you can do by the time it happened to you..
But YOU can do alot more right now, before bad things happen to you..

No, I'm not trying to sell you insurance policies..
I'm just trying to sell you my thoughts..thats all..
and don't worry..It doesn't cost a thing..
*My love don't cost a thing~*

Lotsa freaky things happen these 2 weeks..
Firstly, Yinxie & Yinli's grandma *which is a good thing in a way*
Then, my family problem..
My dad's company's problem..
and lastly *I sure hope it ends here* Andrew..

Some of you knows what happened to Andrew..
*Well, more than me*
Actually I don't really know what happened to him,
I just heard from Evie that he donated blood one morning..
then went to gym a few hours later *!!!*
while doing chin up we fainted and hit his head..
Blood clots in his brain killed him..
*Didn't mistaken right?*

Sometimes a lil ignorance can cost us a lot..
Sometimes its our exam results,
sometimes our money,
even our life to the extent..

We never know what we'll lose,
we never know when we will lose it,
BUT we do know that we can treasure it until its gone~
and try to prevent it from losing by caring for it a lil more..

I sure don't wanna end up like the boy up there,
I tell myself to be a safe driver..
but sometimes its not as easy as it seems..
Oh well, taking baby steps seem to help right?

Lots of people's life had slipped away without them knowing till its too late..
Lets not be those kind of person k?
Lets just no give up our lives so easily..
Life is full of wonders and adventures..
You're only 29 once, 39 once, 49, 59, even 69 once..
but that once is better than none..

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