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Monday, 14 April 2008

I had no choice..I had to do it..

Woke up as usual today,
Brushed my teeth as usual today,
Drove to work as usual today,
Had my breakfast as usual today,
Logged on to blogger as usual today,
Notice something UNUSUAL..

My fridge is MISSING!!!!!
I know it was trying to run away,
with the "Is your fridge running away?" tagline..
but I never thought it could really run away!!!

But luckily, I found my fridge back with the help of GOOGLE *What a handy tool*
and I chained its leg!!
Now see how you run away la!!!

*My brain is not fried due to fever k*

As you all know, I've been sick last week..
Had fever..
but now i'm totally fine!!!
and jumpin' and kickin' yaye!!!!

Other than that, I've been lazy to blog..
Staring and the screen when i'm sick just gives me headache and I totally hate it..
I've been giving myself excuses not to blog..
but today cannot give anymore excuses ddi cuz my fridge ran away without proper supervision..
So have to keep my blog management running before it slip again...

Oh my oh my~
My tuition STEWdent cancelled the class again today..
no tuition for today..
3rd/4th consequetive times ddi okay..
I have to talk to the family..
I don't care if the family actually approves her class cancellation
*actually they approve*
I just care about the amount of money I lost due to the cancellation of classes..
No classes = no money


Today is a day of random posts and i'm SO gonna forgive myself for that..
cuz I have so many things to rant about...

NO ONE'S going to STEFANIE'S birthday party!!!
Peywen's going back to her hometown..
Andrew has another party to attend..
Yean Ree is in Australia..
Left Wee Yen and me~
Dunno if he wants to go anot also..
If he doesn't, then I also dunit to go ddi la cuz my friends all not going..

Enough of ranting I guess..
Now for WISHES!!!!

Bozz - Don't stress too much ya~!!
Evie - I know you can handle it..Don't need me to worry right?
Shan - Take care of yourself while studying..I don't want you to fall sick..
Yinli - You better start studying and get good grades!!

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