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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Just my 2 cents no more~

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Why am I frowning?
I cannot use the phase "Just my 2 cents.." anymore!!!
Why again??
As you all know, 1 cent isn't gonna be used in Malaysia anymore..

You see!! Now my 2 cents becomes 0 cents..
Means my 2 cents worth of opinion is PRACTICALLY USELESS!!!!
Oh well, I'll start using "Just my 5 cents.." from now on...

Oh yeah, although 1 cent is not being used anymore,
its still a legal tender..
MEANS we can still collect 5 numbers of 1 cent to use it as 5 cents..


  1. Hey you!

    I had no idea that 1 cent cannot be used anymore. Does that make me super duper outdated? Please tell me this was recent. Ahaha. Darn it, I've got to be more updated with the news.

    Anyways, why can't it be used and why can kumpul 5 and use as 5 cents?

  2. Hui Mei~!!!!!!!

    You're not super duper outdated ler..It only started this April..Only 17 days ago..

    People think that 1 cents are too small a value and we actually waste Millions worth of 1 cents..
    I do agree with that..

    1 cents are still considered as legal tenders..So it is still valid and you can kumpul and guna..
    Just that in the final bill, all 1 cents will be rounded up to the nearest 5 cents..