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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Winnie the Miao's bithday party..

Started my week with a boring monday..
You all know how boring was it right?
Cuz I written 5 posts in a row..

But heck, the night was fun~
Why was it fun??
Cuz we celebrated Winnie's birthday!!!
*Actually her birthday's on Wednesday*
But we decided to celebrate it on Monday cuz its Siew Ling's last day..
*If we didn't celebrate it then, she might not ba able to make it anymore*

That day after work, we wanted to walk to Pavilion *Usual hangout place*
As we walk out of the building *POURS*
OMB!!! It was raining~!!! Not really heavily but its pretty impossible to walk to Pavilion without getting wet..
Lucky Wei Hou brought an umbrella..
*Ever since I got sick early this month, I stay outta the rain already..*
And because of that, whenever it rains, Cherlene has to go get my car..

But Monday was different, Cherlene went to get HER car..
Because we drove 2 cars there so that the 7 of us can go home by car at night..

That day, traffic was bad..
Its partially caused by the Olympic torch because it was supposed to pass by my office building and obviously there are lotsa police there..
After some time, we reached Pavilion..

We dine at TGI Fridays that night *Because of the birthday rap!!!*
*Oh btw, Yinli was at TGI Fridays at a different time, different location that day..*
*Totally random*
Okay okay..I'll skip the boring part and move on to the photos..
*I know you only wanna see the guy kissing photos*

So here goes~!!!

*TGI Fridays*

*Guess what is this?? Its not a painting of a full moon*
*I was acting weird and took the photo of the lamp at our table..From the inside..*

*Birthday girl & Kheng*

*Fung is always acting silly*

*Then the birthday girl joins him*

*Cheers to the Birthday girl!!! with chilli sauce*

*Wei Hoe using salt and pepper?? =_= *

*Lene on Winnie's lap*

*Soda and Sauce*

*Here comes the fooD~!!! Macandcheese bites*

*Ultimate nachos YUM!!!*

*Forgot-what-chicken Pasta*

*Chicken Parmesan*

*Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp*

*Here comes the ice cream..Look at everyone's greedy look~!!!*
*Cherlene and Siew Ling*

*Kheng's hand*


*Wei Hoe*

*Kheng again*

*Lene "kissing" Winnie*

*While waiting for the Birthday Rap*

*Jong Kheng went bonkers~!!!*

*Wei Hoe acting cool~*

*Birthday CAKE arrived!!!!*

*Before our photo session..the staff played with my camera..*

*A small part of the birthday rap gang*

*Groupie photo~!!!!!*
*Ling, Hoe, Winnie, Kheng, Lene, Me, Fung*

*Cuddle cuddle prank prank!!!*

*Look at the surprised birthday girl~!!!*

*The 1st bite of the cake*

*The dare game..Taking photo with DAI LOU*

*This is not the dare game..its free will~*

*This IS the dare game~*

*We caught Fung feeling bored LOL*

*Makan Cake la!!!*

*Self Proclaimed Birthday Boy*

*Happy moments*

*Baby Fung and Sitter Kheng*

*Change to baby sitter Lene*

*Besties in the office..Actually we're all besties!!*

*The photo you've all been waiting for..the KISS!!!!*
*Wei Hoe*


*Orgasmic Kheng*

There~ The wait is OVER!!!!!!!
Enjoy the photos but pls...Don't snatch it..LOL!!!

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