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Monday, 28 April 2008

Yinxie Mui's birthday(1st try)~

2 weeks ago, yinxie ajak evie and I to go starbucks on saturday night..
But unfortunately we couldn't make it as I had to attend my friend's birthday party..
*Hey this doesn't proof that I sayang my friend more than yin okay..*
Instead, I ajak evie and yin out for lunch that day..

We went to *Think think* I-forgot-whats-the-name restaurant..
But I know where is it!!!
Its the Philipine restaurant located right behind *or next to* STARBUCKS in centrepoint..
I suggested that place because I've never tried it before..
And I wanna try all the restaurants available there...
*There is like food paradise k..*

So we were there, and nothing stopped us from taking photos..

*2 Bubbly girls..Stef's missing ): *

*Caught me eating*

*Halo Halo - Before*
*Its Philipino Ais Kacang*

*Halo Halo - After*

I can't really tell the names of the dishes we ate that day..
So I cannot tell also..
I only remember the Halo Halo which evie ordered because its like "Hello Hello"
Anyways the food there is okay only..
Worth a try, not worthy for 2nd visit..

After going home, Yin suddenly msg..
"Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!!"
We weren't even celebrating her birthday with her, its just a lunch..
We wanted to celebrate her birthday with at least a lil surprise..

Yinxie Mui's birthday(2nd try) coming up soon...

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