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Monday, 21 April 2008

To the SICK CATS in E-World..

Hey everyone from E-World!!
*Although I know none of them reads my blog..except for Andrew, rarely..*

Last Thursday is a jinxed day for you all,
ALMOST AEM *My course* interns there were sick..

Lets see who was sick..
Yuen Sum a.k.a Dim Sum wasn't feeling well right?
I don't know how many days was she sick..
Didn't talk to her at all, but i heard she was sick..

Then next came Andrew who can barely do his work on Thursday..
Poor thing la you, heard you were sleeping your day off in the office on Thursday..
Then didn't go to office on your LAST DAY of work right?
So you end on Thursday..
Goodluck for your resit papers!!!

*Found some random pics of Andrew in my phone..So just post it up~ hEe~!!*

On Saturday, called VYen about the birthday gift for Elena..
Then he said he is SICK!!!!
*Oh man..these OM's are getting too long..*
Why la you sick on that day, cannot go to the party with us..
Without you, not so fun la..haha
*See you're so important*

Pey Wen, you very smart la!!
Bring BF home to sleep on Wednesday..
then dunno what you all *ahem* do until so tired dowana wake up for work..
In the end both of you called in sick summore..
*More like fake sick*
and because of that,
You didn't get sick!!! Haha seriously so smart...
I HATE YOU!!!!!! *Haha I was just joking*

Tim, Gah Jin..
Both of you not sick right?
I don't think so ler..
Heard that both of you are getting closer and closer to your boss..
Trying to *ahem* izzit?
hahahaha~ Yvette~
Although you're not from E-world, but you're a lil unwell on Elena's birthday too..
Better take care of your health..
Exams coming ddi so you better not be sick during that period~

Everyone..TAKE CARE!!!!
*Group hug!!*

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  1. hehe... im the onli 1 who read this post frm AEM.. appreciate!! altough is too late. but nway thk for u wishes hehe