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Sunday, 16 March 2008

March isn’t my month…really!!!

It was just yesterday that I’m not sure when will I emo again.
I was in the car with eVie when I told her “I’m not sure if I’ll emo again this month.”

Why do I say that?
Cuz I was feeling really happy and content at that very moment~!!
*I think it’s the shopping effect* *laughs*

But well, its 12:30am right now and I’ve just woke up from my sleep.
*I am typing on my laptop right now as my lil-est sister is busy hogging the internet connection*

I really need a wireless router which my dad doesn’t want..He doesn’t want us to share the internet connection.
I think he’s afraid that he’ll lose all his 3 childrens to the cyber world~!!!
*Reminds me of Lingz dad who’s not giving her ‘freedom’ yet*

Anyways back to the topic…
Yeah as I said earlier, it is 12:36am at this moment.
I slept pretty early today, hoping that it’ll last throughout the night
but just now, I got somewhat a nightmare.

Some of you may know that I hardly dream when I sleep
and I didn’t visualize anything in my sleep just now.
But there’s just this emofying, saddening sensation during my 4 hour sleep.

I’m missing something, no!!More accurately someONE

It’s hard to tell who, my girls (eVie, stef, shzen, sann, xian) will know who I had difficulties letting go…
but lately, someone has been really nice to me,
I don’t know..Really confused…
I dowana be perasan at all, yet I’m too sensitive not to be!!

Oh eVie, IF you know who am I talking about, erm, tell me k? Personally…

Okay okay, enough rants…
As some of you know that my mind works really fast sometimes…
*Does it??*

And this was what I thought tonight…
“Humans are stupid, they tend to really like what they can’t get, and don’t appreciate what they got/can get…”

Yes, everyone knows this…
But does anyone know why?
I remember complaining to my ex gf(Lih Shin) that humans are the stupidest creatures on earth other than the dinosaur and the ostrich…

Well, those are COMPLAINS but if anyone would like to know what the contents are,
just tell me and I might give you all the reasons I can think of in my next post…
*Remember, those are COMPLAINS*

Back to the topic…
You see, I used to have a short conversation with eVie about me always going for the hard-to-get girls and not the easy ones…
eVie thinks that I wouldn’t go for the easy ones JUST because it’s easy…
*but seriously, I’m not that desperate too~*

I may not have feelings for them right now, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never notice those ‘easier’ girls right?
*Okay, I’m not gonna be mean to call them ‘easy’ girls…*

the reason those girls are ‘easy’ is not because they are SO into me nor they are cheap.
Its just because we’re close, and can play with each other~!!
Unlike those ‘harder’ ones who’s not really close or avoiding me.
I don’t think I’m the kinda guy who can juggle a few girls in my heart.
*For this, I admire Stef…Hahaha~!!*

Only 1 girl can occupy my heart at one time, and it had been Joanne for sometime now…
But I guess its time for her to go, No?
No one knows who’s in my heart now…

It can be Joanne *hints*
It can be my of my close girls *double hints*
It can be someone from work *triple hints*
It can be someone from college *more hints*
It can be someone’s sister *even more hints*
or it can be someone I met randomly *Actually those hints are useless*

eVie: Do you know who’s in my heart right now? *hehe*
stef: DON’T teach me how to juggle a few girls at once k?
xian: Your wish isn’t working!!!haha~

Final words…
Sorry to all the people *girls mainly* who have been treating me really nice,
my mind and heart was clouded by someone who I really like since a long time ago,
sorry if I didn’t notice you enough…

P/S: Just ignore my perasan-ness, I’m just too sensitive…

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