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Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's day~

Its 14 of February~!!
A day when:
Single GUYS look for DATES..
Single GIRLS hope for DATES..
Some people EMO..
Some people think its just another day..
Some take it as a day for wedding PROPOSAL..
Some take it as a day for MARRIAGE..
Business people take it as a day to earn $$$...

As Kheng Yee asked me yesterday: "What didya do in this OVERRATED day?"
Suddenly I started thinking,
Its quite true~
As everyone said before,
Valentine's day is not the only day to show love,
but why does it still exist?
Its because some poor souls out there don't know how to show love unless forced too?
Or its the only day for egoistic men to express their love?
No one knows right?

All I know is that Valentine's day started because of a priest who was imprisoned named Valentine..
and my friend has to thank him for that because his mother named him after the priest~!!!
His name is Valen..
oh oh..i have another friend who has to thank Valentine too!!!
Her name is Valene...

Okay okay..Enough of crap~
On this fateful day~
I happened to start this day in Ee Ling's house..
was there with Trace at 9pm on 13 Feb..
Cuz I miss her so much and wanna go see her~
*Aww..Ling's heart melted*
As the clock strikes twleve,
Ling (the only one with a boyfriend) was expecting at least a Vday wish~
she waited and waited..smsed and smsed..
No "Happy Valentine's Day" wish~
Oh no!!!
What's wrong with her Moo Moo??!!!!
anyways thats not my business kan?
We left her house at 1am and that poor girl had slept through her 1st 3 periods of class
*She class started at 8am*

The next day, went to fetch Stef for breakfast..
Yesh..I started my morning by going to a breakfast date with my mui~
cool right??!!!
Evie should've followed IF it wasn't for her assignment discussion..
but hey, Evie and I can spend more time together next time..heh~
During our breakfast date,
Stef's lunch date *Yeah I know...So many dates kan?* told her that he is sick can can't go for lunch..
*Aww heartbroken~!!!*
Since there was a change of plan, my day plan also changed ler..
Teman Stef to her house to wrap the chocolates she made for Yin
*Evie, me, and other 3 guys have it too~!!*
Then we went "visiting" in Yin's house..
This is in fact the 1st time i went into Yin and Stef house k..
After Yin's place, we had to go back to Stef's house cuz she wants to wrap the chocolates for the 3 guys..
and *Ring Ring*
my MOTHER called~!!!
*Bad news Bad news*
What does she want this time?
"Boy ar..Where are you?"
"In friends' house in Taman SEA"
"Oh..can you help me pay income tax today?"
*Pulls hair*
"Erm..When you need to pay? Tomorrow can?"
"Today's the last day lar..Mommy late ddi"
*Pulls more hair~!!!*
*Pause, hoping she'll say she'll settle herself*
*No reaction*
*Still no reaction~!!!*
"Aih...whatever la (I say this when i have to do things reluctantly)"
"So you come and collect the check ya~"


I have to run an errant that takes few hours for her~!!!
So I left Stef's house after helping her wrap the chocolates,
and go do the stuff~

I don't know its because its Valentine's day, or because election is comine..
the Income Tax building is awfully empty~
What usually took an hour took only 5mins now~!!

Then I rushed back to Yin's place happily as Stef is also there~
They were watchin "The Truth about Love"
It tells a tale about a wife who tries to win back her man because he was cheating..
and to do that, SHE has to make her man cheat on her WITH her~!!
damn funny, and seductive and *ahem* i dowana say it~
Yin has to miss all the 'good part' because she was baking the cake..
*I personally thinks she did it on purpose...try to maintain her good girl image but secretly watched it at night when everyone was sleeping*
Then Stef left us alone for awhile because one of the guy is coming over to collect the chocolates..
Her "for-a-while" took AN HOUR!!!!!
What were they doing lar??!!!!
*Don't we all know? hehe*
After that, we watched CSI while Stef was falling asleep..

After Yin's place, I went to Evie's house because she asked me to..
Was pretty tired ddi when I was in her house, because i've been out the whole day~
So she asked me to sleep awhile before going for tuition..
and I DID~!!!!
At least I slept for a few minutes ler..
Not long, but enough...
After that I left with her Vday gift..
wanna know what is it??
Its a PEN~!!!

*The 3 in 1 pen - Black, Red, Pencil*

*It even has my name carved on it~!!*

Now she makes me feel bad because I know how much the pen cost~

I also got Chocolates made by Stef~
Haven't eaten it yet~

but it should taste something like Godiva from US right?
Heard that Nigel (Evie's brother) said its nice~

This Valentine's Day can be counted as the 1st Valentine's Day that i've been homeless..
I've been going from house to house~
Pretty cool~
and best of all~
I getta spend lotsa time with the 3 nicest girls I have~
Love you all~!!!
So, who said that Valentine's Day must be boring for singles who don't have dates?
PLUS~!!!! I didn't emo..
So no EMO BOBO evie...

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