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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Do wE ovEruSe thE woRds "I love you" ??

I was online one day,
had nothing better to do,
so I went to read all *a few* of the testimonials i sent to xian, evie, stef etc..
then I realise,
I've been using the word "Love" so very often..

Have I been misusing the word?

I do feel that I love them,
not in the mushy mushy way of course,
but I do love them as my close close ones..

To certain people *Like me, evie, stef* these words are quite common,
it expresses how we feel towards our loved ones..
this includes our close friendship/ kor-mui r'ship etc..

Whereas for certain people, these words are only meant to be used on special occasions,
for special people~
They might think that people like me don't mean what we say,
or maybe something else *I'm not them...I don't know..*

To everyone who's reading this:
Saying it often doesn't mean that its not special anymore..
Saying it to girlfriends/ boyfriends are different from saying it to friends..
You may say that its the same words,
but the feeling is DIFFERENT~
the passion is different~

Certain girls *or guys* may feel insecure when their other half say "love you" to their friends..
I don't know why or what makes them feel that way..
I won't understand it cuz i've never been through it..
Someone please enlighten me~ haha~!!

Anyways, back to the topic..
Sometimes I feel that i've been using it alot,
it is enough for my future girlfriend to have a million reasons to get mad at me~
Like I said just now, it is different towards different people..
can we ever find an equilibrium point to whether to say it or not?
I guess not huh?

I wish that this topic will come to an end *as in we know how much to say it*
so that future potential relationships won't be destroyed because of it..
But we all know its impossible..
shucks~!!! We'll just have to see how it goes kan?
anyways to love, is better than no to love..

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