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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

EveLyn iS sO goNna kiLL me fOr thiS~

Why is Evelyn gonna kill me for this??
Cuz its 5:47am and i'm not asleep yet..
Yesh..She's SO gonna kill me for this~

I have a good reason for this!!!

Actually i slept ddi..
*could hardly sleep well*
I toss and turn and tumble!!!
Still cannot seem to get to sleep..
Today is emo day..
No matter how much I denied,
today's still EMO DAY!!!

Partly cuz my daughter Xiannie will be leaving me tmr..
*Actually its today..LATER to be more specific*
Seeing someone leave always pulls the mood down right?
This time it happened at the wrong time..
Lots have happened since i last updated..

Okay okay... Some updates on my life since my last post on New Years Day~
*Not Chinese New Year Mind you..*
After Jan 1st, I've been bored cuz there's no internet in my rented apartment..
then i've been procrastinating studies..
then my exams..
watching movies during exams.. *When i should be studying*
Messed up a potential relationship..
Went to Stef's BBQ party the night before my FINAL PAPER!!!
Emo about being rejected..
Having an 'okay' Chinese New Year..
Trying not to be Emo on Valentine's Day..

Yeah.. That should be it..

Anyways this is just an update to get me updating my blog once again..
Will be more active again..

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