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Friday, 15 February 2008

CuriOsiTy leFt thE coUntRy~

Oh no~!!!! My beloved curiosity left the country~!!!!
Why curiosity?
Long story...
*Which only Xian, Evie and I know*
Haha..Actually it happened like that~

I was in OLD TOWN with Evie one day,
then suddenly we talked about 'curiosity kills the cat'
and it just came to my mind that
I'm gonna name my daughter CURIOSITY!!!!
so that her prophecy will be killing all those cats that strays on the road
*and also Lingz house*
haha~nice right nice right?
then i suddenly went into children naming trance~
i wanted to name my 2 children SILENCE and PATIENCE~
PATIENCE is VIRTUE - for my virtuous son
SILENCE is GOLDEN - for my youngest child, the golden child~

*yesh yesh i'm crazy*
*send me to hospital bahagia lar*

Anyways~the fact is...
Xiannie left Malaysia...
She's all the way in Aussie
without place to stay yet...
I wonder if her 'curse' really came true
that she has to sleep under the bridge~!!!
OH NO!!!!
That better not be happening~!!!

Had so many fond memories with xiannie,
Ppl close to us will know ler..
We weren't very close before although i was her daddy back then,
maybe going to aussie really did drew us closer cuz we know that we might be apart ddi..
Within this few months, we spent alot of time together
*mainly its cuz stef is back..chris too~!!!*
Then there is the yakult period which yakult played a really big part in our closeness..
hehe~ I don't have photos of her!!!
i mean, ppl haven't upload or sent to me yet ler..
Just miss her truly...

Xiannie, if you're reading this..
Daddy miss you so much!!!!
Wait for you to come back ya~
I love you~!!!!!

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