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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

** Day 1 of my internship **

This post was 8 days overdue..
Everything written here was what I felt 8 days ago,
on the 1st day of my internship..

*Woke up at 6:45am*
OMB!!!! Starting my internship today~!!!
Don't know how long does it take to travel to my office in UOA building right opposite KLCC..
*Imagine the traffic of KL*
Nightmare wey~!!!

Anyways I was supposed to meet Cherlene at 17:15am,
We're training at the same company~
So I met up with her outside her apartment,
Her housemate fetched us to the monorail as he passes there..

After experiencing the bad traffic for 15mins,
I looked at the time in his myvi,
I'm supposed to report for work by 8:30am~!!!
OMB OMB *panic panic*
then I whispered to Cherlene:
"eh, you think we're gonna be late?"
"huh? still got so much time left~"
"wey, 7:55am ddi k~!!! We don't even know how long the train journey takes~!!!"
"aiyah~relax lar...His clock is 15mins faster wan~"

We arrived at Titiwangsa Monorail,
surprisingly there aren't many people and the journey takes only 10mins~!!
I arrived at the office 5 mins earlier..hehe~

After that I spent the whole morning in the meeting room with 10 other trainees..
5 are my coursemates..
We talk while waiting for a briefing and work given to us..
After lunch, the briefing started and we were splited into 2 groups..
ERP and TAXcom..
I was assigned to TAXcom along with another coursemate and all the other trainees..
There's supposed to be a presentation by the TAXcom trainer at someone's office..
We went there immediately, the office is at D'sara Intan..

The whole presentation was BORING~!!!!
I almost slept at the stuffy meeting room...
After what feels like a very very very very very long time,
I look at my watch and it says 5:15pm..
15mins more~!!!!
*wait wait wait wait wait wait wait ZZzzz*
OMB its not over yet!~!!
after what feels like years, the presentation finally ended at 7pm..
*sweat wey~!!!*

They sent us to the nearest LRT so that we can go back to Wangsa Maju..
I didn't go back as I waited for my family at the LRT station so that we can go visit my relatives..
*It was still CNY back then*

after visiting a few houses, my parents sent me to the LRT station and I make my way back to my apartment..

After arriving home, I bathed and slept within 10mins..

So LIFEfull for my 1st day of work..
hopefully I'll be able to adapt to this kinda life~hehe~

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