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Friday, 15 February 2008

I love my mommy too k~

Remember when I always get mad when my mom asks me to do things?
1 - When she suddenly asked me to buy gifts for my cousins on christmas eve..
2 - When she suddenly asked me to help pay her income tax..

Come to think of it, I do that to her too~
Sometimes I just call her and say,
"Mom, can you bank in RM1000 for me cuz i need to pay my rental by today?"
Does she rant bout it?
*Well maybe I dunno about it ler..*

Its not I don't like doing things for my mom,
I love her too~
but sometimes you just have to give people some time to do their stuff~
I don't like it when she just called me and ask me to pick my sis up from school~
or pay the income tax *Which she does very often*

I gladly help her do things for her if she would just give me an earlier notice~
just give me some time to enjoy doing what i am doing 1st then only help her..
Just like she ask me if I can help her go to klang just to get chicken parts for family gathering this saturday~
She asked me a few days earlier, and I really don't mind travelling all the way to klang just to get it..
*although I don't know why chose KLANG??*
I also gladly help her cut the onions and shallots today when she asked me in the morning and i have a whole day to do it..
I happily did all my stuff and then I happily help her with the onions and shallots...
The onions and shallots aren't little okay~
Its supposed to be enough to feed 30+ people *maybe more* asam laksa~

Too bad the onions are being processed before i can take a photo of it~
but at least i got the shallots~!!!!!

*Shallots dumped inside the ice cream box*

*Wonder exactly how many shallots were there*

There~ see I love my mom enough to sit in front of the computer for few hours peeling skins of onions and shallots while watching movie and chatting with evie who didn't get much of my attention..hee~!!!

I think I should also reflect on myself...
I do things pretty last minute, even going out~
I might wanna inform ppl earlier before going out right?
so that they can get their moods right and prepare or else they'll be cursing me..haha~!!
Anyways thanks to those people who are crazy enough to go out with me on odd ours or upon spontaneous invitations..
This includes EVIE~ My housemates~ Trace~ Lingz?????
Thanks people~ and I love you~!!!

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