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Sunday, 31 August 2008

1 planet, 2 worlds..

Whenever there is..

*You having a big feast*

There is this at the same time..


Whenever there is..




There is this happening at the same time..

*Death and funerals*

Whenever there is..

*Smiles and joys*

There is..

*Tears and cries*

Whenever good things happen to us,
we never think what is happening at the other side of the world..
Sometimes we do not need to see the other side of the world..
When we're smiling, the person beside us might not be..
When we're eating, maybe the kids outside are starving..
We're just too ignorant, but thats what makes us happy *to not think so much*

Was at Monash Ball 2008 yesterday,
feasting, camwhoring, and partying all night..
When I woke up this morning, I got a call from my housemate..
My coursemate's dad passed away yesterday..
Cancer was the cause..

At that instance, I thought..
"Hey, I was all happy partying last night..
but a whole different thing was happening to my friend at the same time.."
So we went to pay our last respect to her late dad..

On the way there *I was driving alone*
Just a few blocks away, there was a malay couple having their wedding party..
What I saw that time was there can really be 2 worlds in a planet..
It doesn't have to be far away,
even just a few doors away, it may be worlds apart..

I'm not gonna make this a long post..
Because it only takes a few words to change someone's life..
and today I know that there's 1 less family celebrating national day for the rest of their days..
Because the eve of national day will be the day their husband/dad leaves them..

The human life is fragile..
Make the best out of it..
What have you done today?

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