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Tuesday, 5 August 2008



Notice the "US" in between the "TR" and "T" ???
What does it mean??
*Do you know what it means??*

Why put "TR" in front of "US" and another "T" behind??
Just because it sounds better??
Or is there a hidden meaning??

I believe that everything that happens in this world has its reasons and meaning to it..
To trust someone, it means that there must be TRUTH and RELIANCE..
Each and everyday spent with someone you trust will be filled with THANKFULNESS..
So you see..

"Truth" "Rely" "US" "Thankfulness"

We trust people that we CAN believe and rely..
and we're thankful for having them..

Anyone can trust..But not everyone can do it at the same pace..
Some will take a very very long time to trust..
They start their trust level at 0% and increase slowly..
Some people trusts people first..
They start their trust level at 100% and decreases it when they trust is broken..

Which kind of person are you?
Do you put up your defences, or do you let your guard down and feelings free flowing??
I'm the latter..
I find it very much easier to trust people, but hard to gain their trust..
*Hey, this doesn't mean I can be bullied okay~!!!!*

People often trust and get hurt...
This often contributes to why they do not trust anyone anymore..
Can you love someone you don't trust?
Or you can actually love that someone and is always suspicious?
*Isn't that tiring??*

Have you TRUSTED lately??

1 comment:

  1. gor, ur blog reali meaningful.. me totally agree wif that.. sumtime d people that u trust wil b hurt u d most.. but v cant control it, rite? so, juz let it be.. soon qi zhi ran