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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Was feeling lazy last Friday *Due to the lazy week*
didn't feel like going anywhere but I had to go to PJ..
*No matter what I still need to get out of the house!!*
So I sent Yin back and went to Evie's house..
Wanted to go out and have a drink at 1st,
but we had SO MANY movies to watch at home!!
So decided to watch it at her place ler..

Didn't buy tickets HOW TO WATCH??!!!!!!
No tickets then cannot watch movie..
): ): ): ): ):
Lucky Evie was smart..
She got the tickets ready!!!

*Sorry its Upside Down..Don't know why..*

*And I'm too lazy to upload it again..*

Lets see what tickets do we have ya..
1. Once
2. P.S. I Love You
3. A Walk to Remember

Now we can watch anywhere we want to!!
Okay okay..So we watched Once..


Its a music themed movie..
Pretty nice *For me*
The songs are nice too!!!
Since I didn't really hear much review about it,
I didn't expected much and I wasn't disappointed~

After the movie we decided to get the OST..
But since we didn't wanna buy the Original SoundTrack,
I cut the songs out from the computer..
So we failed to get our OST..
But we got our NSOST aka PST!!!
NSOST = Not-So-Original SoundTrack
PST = Pirated Soundtrack

Hehe~ It was a relaxing day watching a pretty relaxing movie..
Oh..The ending was sweet!!! But kinda sad, you see...
*I know you guys aren't gona watch it so i'm gonna tell you!!!*
In the end, Glen Hansard liked Marketa Irglova *the two above*
But Marketa's husband went to look for her FROM RUSSIA..
*She was from Russia*
So Glen left, and bought her a piano *which she's really good at!!* as a goodbye gift..
I think, its the best gift she ever recieved..hehe~

Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
*One of the songs - Falling Slowly*

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